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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #201

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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #201

I’ve written a lot about Gamil Gharbi and the Montreal Massacre over the years and thought this year would be a good time to re-publish some of my best work on the subject. I hope you enjoy the columns contained in this edition of Canadian Rights and Freedoms Bulletin and that they may inspire you just a little to fight for our inherent rights and freedoms.

In this issue:
• Gamil Gharbi Day – Because blaming the millions of men who didn’t kill anyone is always in fashion!
• Firearm Politics: Montreal Massacre: Alternate Endings
• Firearm Politics: Anti-Gunner Heidi Rathjen – The Government “will have blood on their hands!”
• Firearm Politics: December 6th – A Day Dedicated to Hating Men and Blaming Us for the Act of Single Muslim Lunatic
• Firearm Politics: Gamil Gharbi Day: a memorial to a lunatic and Canada’s dedication to punishing the people who did NOT commit the crime
Please read the latest Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin and let me know what you think!
Yours in Liberty,

Christopher di Armani
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