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Team CSSA E-NEWS – January 27, 2015

Team CSSA E-NEWS – January 27, 2015
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A CSSA member writes:

Hello Tony, I thought you may be interested in this personal experience and I wanted to share it.

I would like to advise you of a situation or occurrence which took place at my home on Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 10:15 PM. I had a slip and fall accident in my driveway and injured my left ankle being outside in my driveway and not able to walk I called 911 to request an ambulance to go to hospital not far away. I called about 10:30 PM and was asked what emergency services I required, ambulance I said. I was switched over to ambulance dispatch and reported personal injury, my name, address, the phone number I was calling from and a major intersection.

I waited about 5 to 7 minutes and the ambulance came but just drove by my townhouse, I had a pen LED flashlight to shine at the passing ambulance to attempt to signal them; they just kept driving away (I could not go after or chase them as I could not walk and had difficulty standing). The next thing I see is a large number of police vehicles arrive in the townhouse complex but not in my direct location then a black van comes into the complex. I was wondering if they had an urgent call “heart attack or stroke” at another unit further down the townhouse complex.

About 20 minutes pass and all the police cars and black van stream up to the front of my townhouse and I am still sitting on my front entrance garden bench. The police arrive from different angles and from behind parked vehicles, and then the police instructions, hands up, take one hand down open your winter coat, any weapons, put your hands up, keep your hands up, don’t move as they get a little closer, stand up open your coat.

“I cannot stand up I have an ankle injury and that is why I am sitting”. Any weapons, “no but I do have jackknife, pocket knife and utility knife. Keep your hands up we are coming closer; Long guns drawn and three officers approach at once, immediately body search, they remove everything from my pockets, one officer is grabbing knives, some officers had my wallet some had my cell phone, another had my pocket camera.

The officer that took control of my knives speaks up, “this is a prohibited weapon” and I say “it is a jack knife from Walmart” reply from officer “I could charge you with possession of a prohibited weapon” and I reply “well you better charge everyone who purchases them from Walmart and (stop) Walmart from selling them.”

This was the most aggressive officer of the group, he then turns around and attempts to open my front door, I say “it is locked” and he says “why”; Because I called the ambulance to go to the hospital for my ankle. Officer asks who is inside; “nobody, I live alone, just my dog. And he tries the door again. I said what is the problem, the reply from the same officer; “You have guns” I say how do you know? Officer “we know everything, how many guns do you have? My reply “lots.”

I ask can I get medical help now, get your ID out; Ontario Health Card and then the paramedics bring the stretcher and strap me on. I get loaded into the ambulance which is parked the furthermost away.

I bring this to your attention as I am a registered gun owner, my long guns were registered when required and hand guns have been registered for decades. I am member of a registered hunt club, a member of XXXX, a member of XXXX gun club in XXXX, On, and I hold a valid Ontario Outdoors Card with large game hunting privileges. I have never had a criminal past, I have lived at my current address for 10 years without incident, I have never had the occasion to use or call 911 from my home.

I would be very concerned that every registered firearm owner would have to wait for a police tactical squad to arrive, be searched and secured before medical attention was provided. It is fortunate that I only had minor injuries and not a life threatening health or medical problem and resources were withheld just because I am a registered gun owner.

Fire fighters run into a burning house to save you, these guys would standby in the interest of their own safety and you would perish. It may be a good thing criminals not register their firearm when it comes to emergency health care.


Editor’s Note – Words fail. The pogrom against Canada’s lawful gun owners must stop.


“Allan Rock said he came to Ottawa with the belief that only the police and military should have firearms. I believe that firearms ownership is a right, but a right that comes with responsibilities.” – The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety



CSSA “STICK TO YOUR GUNS” DINNER – FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2015 – CALGARY, ALBERTA – Holiday Inn, 4206 Macleod Trail South. Cocktails at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m. Superb “All-You-Can-Eat” buffet. Raffles, prizes and special guests. Tickets $69.99 per person. For information, please call Heather at 1-888-873-4339 or email: [email protected].



Has anyone else noted that the latest recommendations for the RCMP (as reported on CBC & like media) calls for more access to ‘carbines’?

When reporting on these very same firearms as being allowed/banned in the hands of Canadian citizens, they are referred to as ‘assault weapons’.

Strong example of “word-play”. Strong example of “hypocrite” & “manipulation”. Shame on the RCMP & controlled media. Shame on us if we ignore the insult.

Dave H.
Salmon Arm, BC


GUN MILITARIA SHOW – SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2015 – ORANGEVILLE, ONTARIO – Orangeville Fairgrounds. Directions from Toronto area: go north on HWY 10. Just 3 kms north of the junctions of HWY 10 and HWY 9, take Hockley Valley Road to the right (east) a short distance and watch for “Gun Show & Fairgrounds” sign on the right. 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Guests $5. Ladies and children under 16 are free. BUY, SELL & TRADE. 230 tables. Lots to see, plenty of free parking and a good snack bar is available. For more information, please call Monica at 905-679-8812. For more upcoming shows, visit: http//


2015 SHOT SHOW POSTS SECOND HIGHEST ATTENDANCE TOTAL EVER (By shotshownews | January 23, 2015)
The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) rang up its second highest attendance ever at the Sands Expo Center Jan. 20-23, giving the industry a very good indicator that a strong sales year lies ahead.

Long a bellwether for the industry’s prospects, the SHOT Show brings together buyers and sellers from the United States and more than 100 countries. Total attendance for the 2015 SHOT Show was nearly 64,000, second only to last year’s record-setting event, where nearly 67,000 came through the turnstiles. Lower attendance reflected strengthened pre-screening of attendees to enhance the overall experience of both exhibitors and buyers.

“We know from long experience that attendance at the SHOT Show is a reflection of the state of our industry,” said Chris Dolnack, NSSF Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “This second highest attendance is in keeping with what we saw in the past year — that our industry is in good health and that manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have a positive outlook for this year.”

NSSF®, the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry, owns and sponsors the SHOT Show.

From the opening bell, the show floor hummed with traffic. Cindy Daniel, Executive Vice President of Daniel Defense, a major sponsor of the SHOT Show, said, “It’s been a very busy show. We’re optimistic that with the good vibe we’re seeing on the floor sales will pick up again and we’ll have a solid year.”

Said Kort Nielson with Silencer Co., “We’ve been pretty busy, and there hasn’t been much down time. Increasing our booth size and design and its new position in this hall has been good for traffic, but we’re also focusing on education.” Silencer Co. put on two seminars this week for retailers on how to educate customers about suppressors, a fast growing sales area.

The $8 billion industry has seen rapid growth in the last several years, powered by newcomers to the shooting sports. More than 20 percent of firearms owners are in this category, in that they have purchased their first firearm within the last five years.

Women continue to be an undeniable market force. During the show at a packed press conference, NSSF released a new report on “Women Gun Owners: Purchasing, Perceptions and Participation.” Women, whose participation in target shooting and hunting as well as interest in owning a firearm for personal and home protection continues to grow rapidly, now purchase about 25 percent of industry products. “This report will help NSSF members better understand the products and features women want and to continue to serve women of all skill levels,” said Jim Curcuruto, NSSF Director of Industry Research and Analysis.

More than 1,600 exhibiting companies filled the convention center and rooms in the adjoining Venetian Hotel. Total show exhibition space was more than 640,000 net square feet, or 13 acres of product display, with more than 150 new companies exhibiting.

Manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, optics, cutlery, apparel, accessories and law enforcement equipment introduced new products and services that retailers will offer consumers during the course of the year.

On the first evening of the show, more than 2,400 people attended NSSF’s State of the Industry Dinner, where Steve Sanetti, NSSF President and CEO, delivered a well-received speech on the industry’s determination to counter its detractors with facts on firearm safety and deter efforts to burden law-abiding gun owners with unnecessary legislation. “Much of the public and the media are woefully misinformed about who we are and all that we do about genuine gun safety,” said Sanetti, who pointed out to such notable NSSF programs as Project ChildSafe, Fix NICS and Don’t Like for the Other Guy programs.

“Some pundits state that the shooting sports are ‘in retreat,’” said Sanetti. “Well, look at the facts. Last year’s SHOT Show, one of the fastest growing trade shows in the nation, had its highest attendance and satisfaction levels ever; the number of federally licensed firearms dealers is growing; firearm sales experienced the second highest year ever and ammunition sales continue at near record levels; firearms permit and safety classes report long waiting lists; and the number of apprentice hunting licenses increased to well over 1 million. If this is a ‘retreat,’ as those who see no appeal in what we do have alleged, I truly wonder what an advance would look like.”

At the dinner, Richard Lipsey, owner of Lipsey’s, one of the nation’s largest sporting goods distributors, received the prestigious NSSF Ken Sedlecky Award for longterm commitment to the success of the industry and supporting NSSF’s mission to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Mark Keefe, editor-in-chief of American Rifleman magazine, was awarded the POMA-NSSF Grits Gresham Shooting Sports Communicator Award.

Media was out in force again at the show, totaling 2,500, including international press. Some of the country’s most well-known radio personalities, including Mike Gallagher, Lars Larson and Dana Loesch, broadcasted live from the show’s popular “Radio Row.”

Prior to the show, NSSF hosted a fundraising golf tournament to benefit Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA), an industry developed and supported effort to help the healing and reintegration of disabled combat veterans back into normal American life though participation in outdoor events.

The SHOT Show is not just about selling and buying products. The show provides educational opportunities for firearms retailers at SHOT Show University, which was sold out, and at other seminars, and for law enforcement professionals at the Law Enforcement Education Program.

The SHOT Show is managed by Las Vegas-based ConvExx. Major sponsors of the 2015 SHOT Show in addition to Daniel Defense were Outdoor Channel,, Brownell’s, Gamo Outdoor USA, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Mossy Oak, Trijicon, Smith & Wesson and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, among others. Ram Truck Brand was the official truck of the SHOT Show. Nissan was sponsor of the show’s press room.

The SHOT Show, the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas, pumps nearly $90 million in non-gaming revenue into the Las Vegas economy. Next year’s SHOT Show is scheduled for Jan. 19-22 at the Sands Expo.

See the news release:


NEW NSSF REPORT: MORE WOMEN OWNING GUNS, GOING TARGET SHOOTING AND HUNTING (The National Shooting Sports Foundation | News Release | January 21, 2015)

‘Women Gun Owners’ report and new infographic highlight fastest growing segment in shooting sports’

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – More than half of women (55.6 percent) participating in a new study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation said they intend to purchase at least one firearm in the next 12 months. That finding and many others reflect the growing popularity of firearms ownership by women, who represent the fastest growing segment of the shooting sports.

Today during the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti discussed the findings in the new report “Women Gun Owners: Purchasing, Perceptions and Participation.” NSSF, which owns the SHOT Show, is the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry.

“In the past decade, the number of women owning firearms and participating in target shooting and hunting has soared. This study helps us understand why women are choosing to purchase firearms and accessories and what shooting activities appeal to them most,” said Sanetti.

The study, conducted in 2014, focused on women ages 18 to 65 who owned at least one firearm. Over a third of women in the study were new gun owners, having purchased their first firearm within the last three years. This group of new gun owners, who are primarily between the ages of 18 and 34, reflects the changing demographics among women choosing to own firearms-a change captured visually in NSSF’s new infographic, “Girl Power,” which complements the new report.

“The women’s market is a force in our industry, and manufacturers, retailers and shooting ranges are making changes to their products and services to satisfy women’s tastes and needs. This report will assist anyone interested in knowing more about women’s enthusiasm for and attitudes toward firearms,” said Jim Curcuruto, NSSF Director of Industry Research and Analysis.

Among the report’s findings:

• The most commonly owned firearm by women in the study is a semiautomatic pistol, with 56 percent of women reporting they owned at least one. Shotguns ranked second, with 50 percent of women owning at least one.
• Women say their purchases are mainly influenced by Fit, Quality and Practicality.
• Women purchasing a gun in the last 12 months spent on average $870 on firearms and more than $400 on accessories.
• The majority of women report they are not driven to buy a gun on impulse but rather considered their purchase for months before deciding.
• Nearly all women (95 percent) have tried target shooting, and more than half (58 percent) have hunted.
• More than 42 percent of women have a concealed carry permit for their state of residence.
• Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of women reported having taken at least one training class.

Placing a premium on safety, women say the single most important reason why they decided to purchase or own a firearm is protection-both personal and home protection. Learning to hunt and going shooting with friends and family were also cited.

The report shows women are attracted to shooting activities such as practical pistol, clay target shooting, long-range shooting and plinking; they were not as active, however, in gun collecting or 3-gun and cowboy action shooting.

Growth of the women’s market is quite visible among firearms retailers. In NSSF’s Annual Retailer Survey, more than 74 percent of retailers reported an increase in women customers in their stores in 2013 over 2012.

According to the National Sporting Goods Association, female engagement in target shooting grew 60 percent to 5.4 million participants between 2001 and 2013, and was up 85 percent for hunting to 3.3 million participants during that same period.

NSSF’s “Women Gun Owners” report is available to NSSF members and to media by request.

About NSSF –
The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 10,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. For more information, visit



Airing this weekend, Keith Beasley heads to Alberta with two of Canada’s most coveted hunting tags in his pocket: mule deer and whitetail rifle tags. The hunt takes place on Canada’s largest First Nation reserve, the Blood Reserve. The prairies are littered with rutting deer, and Keith climbs and stalks the river bottoms and coulees in search of two mature Alberta bucks.

See the teaser:


THE CANADIAN LONG-GUN REGISTRY: A PRELIMINARY EVALUATION (By Gary Mauser | Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies | Simon Fraser University | January 19, 2015)


In March 2012, eleven years after its introduction, Canada scrapped its controversial long gun registry. Staring in 2001, farmers, hunters and target shooters had been required to register their long guns (shotguns and rifles). The political battle had been fierce. The country was sharply divided over the issue, urban vs. rural; the West vs. the East; men vs. women. The opposition parties, backed by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the media, bitterly resisted any change in the federal gun laws. Gun owners celebrated their freedom, but opponents predicted disaster.

Read the rest at:



Go to: (Go to Audio Vault for January 17 and start listening at 1:07 P.M.)

HIGH RIVER GUN GRAB – LORNE GUNTER & HIGH RIVER RESIDENT, RICHARD (Lorne Gunter | News Talk 770 | January 17, 2015)
Go to: (Go to the Audio Vault for January 17 and start listening at 1:34 P.M.)


DSC CONVENTION GOERS RAISE $1 MILLION IN 1 MINUTE ( Dallas Safari Club | News Release | January 18, 2015)

DALLAS – Responding to a heartfelt appeal for youth outdoor education, DSC convention goers on Saturday night raised $1 million in about 60 seconds.

The fast flurry of fundraising was a highlight of the 2015 DSC convention and expo, which wrapped up its annual four-day run on Jan. 18. Attendance and conservation funding totals will take several days to tally, but all signs on the show’s final day were trending toward new records.

“It’s been a tremendous convention, with sold-out banquets, lively auctions and heavy traffic in the expo hall,” said Ben Carter, DSC executive director. “But everyone is buzzing about the spontaneous $1 million outpouring of support from DSC members who are passionate about getting kids involved in the outdoors and conservation.”

Following a brief but inspirational ask from a banquet-hall stage, 10 people from the audience stepped up and pledged $100,000 each, said Carter.

Their cumulative donation is earmarked to support Outdoor Adventures, a Texas-borne program that introduces students and their parents to a wide range of outdoor activities. The curriculum is now being taught in more than 170 secondary schools – many of them public – across Texas and in a growing number of other states.

DSC is a longtime sponsor of the program, administered by the Dallas Ecological Foundation.

Carter thanked all the donors, sponsors, exhibitors and volunteers who have helped build the DSC event into one of America’s premier fundraisers for wildlife conservation, youth education and defending hunters’ rights.

Grants for DSC initiatives worldwide will be awarded later this year.

Convention sponsors include Sports Afield, Shikar Safaris, Trijicon, EuroOptic, Boyt Harness Co., Yamaha Motor Corp. USA, Hornady, The Hunting Consortium, Bass Pro Shops, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, The Wildlife Gallery, Capital Farm Credit, Rungwa Game Safaris, Blaser USA, Legendary Consortium, Sovereign Bank, Global Rescue, David R. Oakes CIMA, Ruger, Capt. Peacock Yachts and Expeditions, and many others.

See the news release:

About Dallas Safari Club (DSC) –
Desert bighorns on an unbroken landscape, stalking Cape buffalo in heavy brush, students discovering conservation. DSC works to guarantee a future for all these and much more. An independent nonprofit organization since 1982, DSC has become an international leader in conserving wildlife and wilderness lands, educating youth and the general public, and promoting and protecting the rights and interests of hunters worldwide. Get involved


2015 CANADIAN NATIONAL RIFLE SILHOUETTE CHAMPIONSHIPS – JULY 5-11 – PRINCE GEORGE ROD AND GUN CLUB, PRINCE GEORGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA Small bore – July 5, 6, 7 at Hartman Range, 9444 Hartman Road; High Power – July 9, 10, 11 at Black Water Range. For more information, please contact Don Reeves at 1-250-562-0151 or visit:


SHERIFF URGES NEW YORKERS: ‘THROW GUN RENEWALS IN GARBAGE’ (By Michael F. Haverluck | | January 24, 2015)

Gun control advocates in New York State’s bureaucracy are requiring firearm owners to send in renewals for their gun registrations, but one Fulton County sheriff is advising state residents to “throw them in the garbage.”

Back in 2013, anti-gun establishment officials in New York successfully pushed for the adoption of statewide legislation called the SAFE Act, which concentrated on enforcing a ban on “assault rifles” and high-capacity clips. However, many didn’t realize that hidden within the new law was a lot of red tape and added requirements, making it that much more difficult for citizens to bear arms in compliance with state bureaucratic standards.

“But a little-known provision of the bill requires every handgun owner to recertify their permit with the local sheriff or clerk’s office by 2018,” reports WND’s Leo Hohmann. “The counties are then required to upload the permit information to a statewide digital database that is being created. The process must be repeated every five years.”

Now, in order to update its system in accordance with the SAFE Act, state officials are hitting up gun owners to renew their gun registrations in a number of counties throughout the state by issuing them 500 “invitations,” via an early pilot program. The state is asking these gun owners to participate by uploading their gun registration information online for every firearm they own.

In order to make a loud and clear statement to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other bureaucrats at the state Capitol in Albany, Fulton County Sheriff Thomas Lorey volunteered his county to take part in the pilot program to bring its problems to light. He’s now asking gun owners to take a stand with him.

“I’m asking everyone that gets those invitations to throw them in the garbage because that is where they belong,” Lorey told conservative activists at a recent meeting, according to WND. “They go in the garbage because, for 100 years or more, ever since the inception of pistol permits, nobody has ever been required to renew them.”

Testing a failed system

According to Lorey, the new online registration database is slated for a February launch.

“I don’t think they’re going to be able to do it,” Lorey argued, says WND. “Let’s have everybody’s permit expire the same day and let ‘em see what they’re going to do with it.”

Lorey insisted to local residents within the county that his sheriff’s department will not hold them liable for any gun registration violations.

“I want to assure you that everyone in Fulton County has nothing to fear from the sheriff’s office,” Lorey promised. “We’ve got real crime and real criminals to occupy our time with.”

Gun control activists seizing a crisis for their cause

In January 2013, Cuomo signed the NY SAFE Act — an acrostic for “New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act” — into law to assuage the gun control movement at the time, which used the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, to garner popular support.

Jumping on the anti-gun rights bandwagon following the December 2012 Newtown massacre were Connecticut, Colorado and Maryland, which also passed similar legislation tightening firearm regulations.

Similar resistance to gun control laws has been witnessed in Connecticut, where thousands of firearm owners have stood together in noncompliance to the relatively new legislation.

“The revolt is underway,” Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt told WND. “Tens of thousands of people in Connecticut have intentionally missed the deadline.”

Pratt insists that gun control legislation has simply gone too far and Americans aren’t putting up with it.

“They are not registering,” Pratt continued. “Some of them actually said they would not when they were at the hearing when the law was being considered in the legislature.”

Sticking to their guns

Connecticut’s rebellion against heightened gun control regulations is being mirrored by Lorey’s call for resistance in New York. Getting all of the state’s counties to update the new online database has been more than challenging — with most reporting major delays, according to Albany’s Times Union. It reported that clerks have not been informed by state officials about the cause of the delays in the pilot program, with many thinking that the slow rate has been caused by problems the state is having putting the database system together.

“They didn’t anticipate the amount of time it was going to take to establish that digital database,” Cortland County Clerk Elizabeth Larkin told the Albany paper.

Gun rights leaders are standing behind law enforcement that champions the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

“Sheriff Lorey is a patriot,” Second Amendment Foundation President Alan Gottlieb told WND. “His stand in defense of the Second Amendment is an example for all law enforcement.”

The New York State Sheriffs Association and individual sheriffs have already taken a stand against gun control laws by filing a lawsuit against Gov. Cuomo to stop enforcement of the new Act, reports Reason magazine. They are in direct agreement with Lorey, who belongs to Oathkeepers — an organization of police officers and military personnel that vows to uphold the U.S. Constitution by refusing to bow down to unconstitutional orders given by the government.

Smooth or not-so-smooth sailing for the program?

Despite reports to the contrary, state officials maintain that the new gun control policy is moving forward according to plans, noting that they are merely finding better ways to streamline the state’s procedure for renewals. According to a spokeswoman for the New York State Police, they are working on ways to handle a greater amount of guns into the system. She insisted that pop-ups on the state’s website will make it easier for gun owners to renew their registrations.

However, a report from the Times Union indicates that the assembly of the expansive database system spanning the entire state of New York has been plagued with problems — as different components of the NY SAFE Act are being examined.

“A system allowing background checks for all ammunition sales was originally supposed to be in place by Jan. 15, 2014, but its rollout was postponed amid reports the database isn’t ready,” WND’s Hohmann reports. ”The county clerks were told in the spring-summer of 2014 that the pace of work on the beefed-up handgun registry would pick up at the end of 2014 and into 2015 — strategically delayed until after the November elections.”

According to Lorey, the intentions behind putting the new gun permit law in place throughout New York State were not to make owning a gun more difficult for residents. But after seeing the way the SAFE Act is being enforced, he recognizes that the new rules are vulnerable to being abused because they can be applied in such an arbitrary fashion.

“The judges of the state of New York have gotten together and thought this up on their own,” Lorey attests, according to WND. “It’s just a little device that helps them revoke your permit if they should suddenly get mad at you.”

Lorey also asserts that the way the new law is being administered, it will most likely be manipulated by many county bureaucrats to bring in more money — citing a $15 “recertification” fee one county has already charged gun owners. The patriotic sheriff contends that the new law is being abused by the state so that citizens now have to pay for a right that the U.S. Constitution has already guaranteed them.

“The state of New York now wants to charge you for a renewal permit, for a right you already have,” Lorey points out.

The contrast between gun laws in Left-leaning states, such as New York, and more conservative states, such as Georgia, is briefly outlined by one gun rights leader who notes that the state officials in the Empire State and other blue states can deny residents gun permits for any reason. On the other hand, in the Peach State and other states that fully honor the right to bear arms, residents don’t need to have a permit to “possess” handguns in their homes, workplaces or vehicles. They just need permits to carry firearms on their person.

“Georgia is a ‘shall issue’ state which means if you pass a background check the probate court must issue a permit,” Executive Director Jerry Henry explains, according to WND’s report. “New York is a ‘may issue’ state, which means the state may issue you a permit if you pass a background check.”

See the story:‘throw-gun-renewals-in-garbage’#.VMaWGMaTrWU



WE ARE NOT CHARLIE HEBDO (by Rex Murphy | National Post | January 10, 2015)

Following the butchery at the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo, we are in the middle of another blizzard of post-facto hash-tag bravery. All over the Internet there are whole mobs holding up little signs: “I am Charlie Hebdo,” “We are Charlie Hebdo.” The idea, I presume, is to broadcast their commitment to the Western idea of freedom of speech and the press. Let’s put it plainly: The solidarity would have been a lot more impressive, more persuasive, some time before this week’s mass butchery.

Indeed, at our universities, newspapers and broadcasters, we have seen an ever-shrinking defence of free speech, a timid reluctance to take on those who claim special privilege to shut down those they simply don’t like. The great institutions of the West, the press and the universities, have been at best complicit and at worst cowardly when it comes up to defending freedom of speech — not from threats of Islamist fanatics with guns, but in much less demanding circumstances.

Where was this “we” when a video critical of Islam was mendaciously identified as the “cause” of the terror attack on Benghazi? Where was “we” when Hillary Clinton went on Pakistani television to declaim against this “reprehensible” video and revile its maker, and at the Benghazi victims’ funerals said: “We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with.” Where was “we” when the filmmaker was arrested, while to this day the butchers of Benghazi roam the Earth unmolested?

Where is this We of the Hash-tags when whole swathes of the press, and some political leaders, refuse to call acts that are plainly terroristic by their proper name? Can those who refuse to say the word “terrorism” after a terrorist act now claim they are Charlie Hebdo?

And where was We of the Hash-tags when President Obama made the inexplicable declaration at the United Nations that “the future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet?” More than anything else, that sounds like a fulsome statement of accord with those who denounce cartoons and videos and editorials about the “Prophet,” who riot after he is “traduced” by someone in the West. There is no “We are Charlie Hebdo” in that statement. There is surrender instead.

And what about our prophets, of the Enlightentment and democracy, who made free speech the core of our lives and politics? We are notoriously timid in defending them, and almost tumid with the desire to speak up for those who despise them. Why do we wallow in some shallow hollow of factitious guilt, moaning over our failings to “understand” after 9/11, after Mumbai, after London, after Ottawa, after Paris this week, rather than laying the guilt on the real perpetrators and the ideology that fires them?

Our universities bleat about inquiry and free speech, but they are feeble and craven, caving in to protestors and special interests, pleading “sensitivity” and the “wish not to offend” any time some topic or speaker threatens to “hurt” the professionally agitated on campus. Where was “we” when a band of fatuous progressives protested former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice giving a convocation address at Rutgers University? She worked for Bush, so free speech be dammed.

Where was We of the Hash-tags when Ann Coulter was pre-emptively cautioned about what she could or should say by officials at the University of Ottawa? Where was “we” when Ayaan Hirsi Ali was humiliated and an honourary degree invitation revoked after campus activists at Brandeis University — faculty and students — protested? Brandeis mounted a defence of free speech that would have Patrick Henry drooling with envy: “[Ali] is a compelling public figure and advocate for women’s rights. … That said, we cannot overlook certain of her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.” A Presidential Medal of Freedom for that wonderful “that said.”

There are more examples closer to home: Christie Blatchford howled from the stage at the University of Waterloo, a pro-life speaker at St. Mary’s University in Halifax met with the feverish chant of “No hate speech in our school!” — and the administration, of course, shutting down the talk.

I could continue for a week. This part of the world has a sack full of pieties when it comes to free speech, but its own actions, and frequently its own words, put the lie to all of them. Bowing to ruthless protest has become a habit. Labelling speech some people simply do not wish to hear as “hate speech” succeeds in silencing it. In matters big and small, on issues from global warming to abortion, there is collusion — we call it political correctness — over what should not be said, what cannot be said.

It’s worth adding too that there is no such fastidiousness when it comes to images rebuking, mocking, insulting or demeaning any of the symbols — the cross, the host, the mass — of the Christian faith. The North American media and so-called comedy shows make a tiresome habit of slandering or crudely defaming the majority faith of the North American continent, all the while lying — yes lying — that they are equal opportunity offenders.

In the domain of the laugh-generators of late night TV, Christ gets a pie in the face every 10 minutes while Mohammed is awarded the incense of silence, becomes “he whose name must not be spoken.” Jon Steward is not Charlie Hebdo. He is that wonderful self-contradiction, a “safe-target” satirist. Bush jokes are the coward’s idea of humour.

All of which makes this hash-tag war, all the We are Charlie Hebdo manifestations, so very, very hollow. If we will not speak for free speech when it is shut down by special interests, protestors of the politically correct, on campuses and in newspapers, we manifest that we are not serious about free speech. There is no “we” after the killings. There are very few worthy of that claim … and, alas, under the shout of allahu akbar, 12 of them are now quite dead.

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