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Russia’s Heartthrob Prosecutie Is Busy Battling Terrorists


Russia’s Heartthrob Prosecutie Is Busy Battling Terrorists

During her short time in office she has already survived two assassination attempts, and now has her hands full dealing with dastardly Ukrainian Nazi terrorists

As we reported earlier, Crimea Prosecutor Natalia Polonskaya has detained a member of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist ‘Azov’ battalion who allegedly was involved in setting a mosque on fire in the city of Simferopol, and allegedly was planning to set off bombs at the Republican Prosecutor’s office building.

Nicknamed “prosecutie” in the press, Ms. Polonskaya told TASS that the member of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s National Guard in which ‘Azov’ battalion was incorporated, has expressed regret for his actions but was not sincere.
“He is zealous only when he is in his atmosphere. With us he is a very nice, sensitive person who is trying to repent. Of course, insincerely. Behind the tinsel of upside-down swastika and ‘kill’ slogans, these are deeply cowardly people,” concluded the young prosecutor.

Fan made anime, a testament to Prosecutie’s popularity

The ‘prosecutie’ took the office of the Prosecutor following Crimea’s accession to Russia in March 2014 and instantly became an internet phenomenon. Her youth, beauty, and hard stance on crime brought her fame in Japan and China, which made her appointment as the head of the Japanese-Russian Friendship Society a mere formality.

The Ukrainian suspect’s name has not been released due to the ongoing investigation. If found guilty, he could face life in prison for terrorist activities.

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