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CSSA AGM – Agony of the Liberal Gun Lover

CSSA AGM – Agony of the Liberal Gun Lover

The Annual General Meeting of the CSSA on Saturday, May 30, 2015, was everything we anticipated it would be: uneventful, sedate, quick, yet filled with information about what we’ve accomplished in the past 12 months. It’s a good list.

CSSA’s Executive Director, Tony Bernardo, announced that the House of Commons passed Bill C-42, the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act, the previous day. The bill is now before the Senate. All indications are that the Senate will deal with Bill C-42 very quickly – meaning this should become the law of the land well before the federal election this October.

Bill C-42 is an important piece of legislation. Ridding licensed Canadian firearms owners of the additional layer of bureaucracy better known as an Authorization to Transport (ATT) is huge. As the CSSA has long maintained, if citizens are deemed safe enough to own a firearm and keep it in their homes, surely time has proven that they can also be trusted to safely transport them to and from the shooting range.

The Opposition would have you believe that the streets will now run red with blood. If those bureaucrats aren’t filling out forms and sending us another useless piece of paper, they are claiming there is nothing stopping law-abiding firearms owners from mass murder and hunting ducks with machine guns.

It’s a ludicrous position and Trudeau’s Liberals and Mulcair’s NDP know it’s untrue.

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The Agony of the Liberal Gun Lover

Sara Robinson of Seattle, Washington, is chatty, affable, and obviously liberal. For years the former writer for Alternet has been a member of a tight-knit community of activists who write and organize around progressive causes. Or at least she was a member, until her “tribe,” as she calls it, effectively banished her in the wake of the December 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. “I was forced out,” she says.

Robinson, a registered Democrat since the Reagan era, is also a life-long gun owner. And almost as soon as news of the massacre broke, her relationship with her left-leaning circle began to fall apart over the issue of firearms.

As she and her peers discussed the tragedy—with Robinson speaking as a reform-minded but unapologetic, gun owner—email correspondence with her peers quickly devolved. Friends told her they would never allow their children into her home knowing guns were in the house—no matter how responsibly they were stored. Within weeks, she was pushed out of an online list of “tightly bonded peers” she had co-founded herself. “People who had once valued me as a person capable of great balance and nuance were suddenly characterizing me as some kind of pistol-packin’ Bonnie Parker. I kept saying, ‘Wait a minute. This is me we’re talking about here,’” she recalls, “‘don’t you know me better than that?’ It was like losing family, or your church.”

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