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Corruption Goes to Jail – Politician Lawyers

Corruption Goes to Jail – Politician Lawyers

Lise Thibault to jail

Former Quebec lieutenant-governor Lise Thibault burst into tears Friday when a judge asked her whether she had anything to say following a prosecutor’s recommendation she receive a four-year prison sentence for fraud and breach of trust.

“I never thought for one second I’d be standing before you,” an emotional Thibault, 76, told Quebec court Judge Carol St-Cyr.

“Since my youth, I’ve always helped everyone…I can’t imagine that my grandchildren will have a memory of their grandmother being treated like a thief.”
Prosecutor Marcel Guimont said the ex-Quebec vice-regal should also reimburse a total of $430,000 to the province and the federal government.

The judge will hand down his sentence Sept. 30.

Thibault’s legal woes started after a report by the federal and provincial auditors general in 2007 revealed she claimed more than $700,000 in alleged improper expenses during her spell in the vice-regal post between 1997 and 2007.

Politician Lawyers = Dishonesty

People of a certain (older) generation are likely familiar with the simple lyrics and the magnetic chords of Warren Zevon’s 1978 classic song
Lawyers, Guns and Money.Those of another (younger) generation can find videos of it on YouTube or download it as a ringtone for their iPhone.
Zevon was somewhat of a cult figure, known more for his strange take on life and the unusual subject matter of his songs than for pop hits.
Some of his songs featured political undertones and Lawyers, Guns and Money has a ring of Graham Greene cold war intrigue to it. But there is no mistaking the title’s reference: Zevon’s trio of lawyers, guns and money represents a triumvirate of power. Lawyers’ relationship with power is a complicated and conflicted one. On the one hand, the law works to preserve the existing power structure in society. Lawyers play a critical role in this process. On the positive side, lawyers support the stability and integrity of our system of government and of our society. Onthe negative side, supporting the status quo through law has often resulted in the exclusion and continued discrimination against outsidersin Canada over the course of our history: women, religious groups, racialized minorities and other groups who are not part of the existing power structure. Both the law and the legal profession have been used as a tool of exclusion throughout Canadian history

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