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DAILY ALERT FOR Friday, June 26, 2015

DAILY ALERT FOR Friday, June 26, 2015
New York: 2015 Legislative Session Adjourns
Yesterday, the New York Legislature adjourned from its 2015 Legislative Session. This session saw a number of victories for gun owners as well as the introduction of legislation to reform the radical, anti-gun NY Safe Act.
Serious Anti-Gunners Show What Compromise on Gun Control Would Mean
Whether to capitalize on a tragedy for political purposes, or because their urge to “do something” isn’t tempered by a sense of reality, Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) reacted to the deplorable murders at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, last week by saying that they may reintroduce so-called “universal” background check legislation to require background checks on private sales and trades of firearms, including those between many family members and friends. NRA members and supporters will recall that a previous version of the Manchin-Toomey “universal” background check legislation was soundly defeated in the U.S. Senate in 2013.
Rhode Island: Bills that Violate Due Process Held in Committee as General Assembly Adjourns
Yesterday, the Rhode Island General Assembly adjourned from their 2015 Legislative Session. Neither Senate Bill 503 nor Senate Bill 520 advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
The Trace: Just Another Effort to Mislead America
One recurring truth about the anti-gun movement is how often they try to create new organizations which claim “neutrality” or “moderation” on the Second Amendment, but in reality are nothing more than carbon copies of all the anti-gun groups that have come before them. As we reported a few weeks ago, fanatically anti-gun Michael Bloomberg has found a new venture to pour his money into. It’s called “The Trace”, which claims to be a fair news organization devoted to researching “gun violence.” The head of the new group, former New Republic Magazine editor James Burnett even went as far as to suggest the group will not publish editorials supporting specific legislation or candidates, but simply provide information and news stories in opposition to “gun violence.” But let’s look at reality.

Payments offered to area landowners who allow hunting on private property
JACKSON COUNTY, MI – Some Jackson County officials hope area residents participate in a hunting program that pays landowners to allow for game hunting on private land.
Real Journalism: Reporter Uncovers Wrongdoing at Florida’s Most Popular Public Range
Investigative journalist Lee Williams and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune should be congratulated for their work in uncovering an alleged gross misappropriation of funds at the most popular public shooting range in Florida. The article, published Wednesday and titled “State gun range officials pocketed funds meant for charity,” outlines a disturbing account of two range officials at the Cecil M. Webb Shooting Range, run by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, using their positions to enrich themselves at the expense of Florida’s shooters. According to Williams, these range employees were arranging for the spent brass collected at the facility to be processed by metal recyclers, with the proceeds ending up in their personal coffers. This was no small sum, as Williams notes that the range has 100,000 visitors a year, who leave a veritable mountain of profitable brass.
N.Y. Data Reveals Futility of Gun Registration Laws
In an utter embarrassment to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and anti-gun legislators in Albany, recently released New York State Police data reveals massive noncompliance with the SAFE Act’s registration provisions. Out of an estimated 1-1.2 million semi-automatic firearms within the state that are required to be registered under the new law, 23,847 people have registered a grand total of 44,485 guns. Using the lower estimate of one million semi-automatic firearms, the new data shows a compliance rate of 4%.
Pennsylvania Trial Court Invalidates NRA-Backed Preemption Reforms, Jeopardizes Ongoing Lawsuits
An NRA-backed law passed in Pennsylvania last year to hold accountable local jurisdictions that were defying the state’s 40-year-old firearm preemption statute has been declared invalid by a Pennsylvania trial court. The court did not take issue with the terms of the amended law itself but with “the regularity of procedures employed by the General Assembly in enacting” it. Specifically, the court found the final version of the act did not comply with the state constitution’s requirement that legislation pertain only to a single subject and that bills not be altered or amended during the legislative process to change their original purpose.
California: Firearm-Related Legislation Expected to be heard Next Week
Pro-gun Assembly Bill 950 is scheduled to be heard this Monday, June 29 in State Capitol room 4203 at 10:00 a.m. by the state Senate Committee on Appropriations. Anti-gun Senate Bill 347 is scheduled to be heard this Tuesday, June 30 in State Capitol room 126 at 9:00 a.m. by the state Assembly Committee on Public Safety. AB 96 has been scheduled to be heard by the state Senate Committee on Appropriations on Monday, July 6.
Judge Slams Brady Campaign for Frivolous Lawsuit that Costs Plaintiffs Over $200K
NRA priority legislation provides the foundation for Lucky Gunner Win! Sometimes victory is years in the making. A recent court victory, however, reminds all of us how important the NRA-ILA’s legislative victories can be, even many years or decades down the road. Our hat is off to all the NRA members who answered the call to action while we waged a seven year pitched battle to protect firearm manufacturers and dealers against frivolous lawsuits for the criminal misuse of firearms and ammunition. Your calls, emails, and letters from so many years ago were answered in the affirmative earlier this week. NRA supporters will remember that on October 26, 2005, President George W. Bush signed into law S. 397, NRA-ILA’s priority legislation known as the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” (PLCAA). This legislation was meant to protect the firearm industry from a coordinated campaign of antigun lawsuits claiming gun manufacturers and dealers were responsible for the criminal acts of third parties who were unknown to them and totally beyond their control.
Florida: How Greedy Can They Get?
Stealing from children is pretty low, and when range officers on a state owned shooting range steal brass intended to be used to help fund Florida’s Youth Hunting Program it’s really low. Once brass is dumped into the recycle barrel — it’s a donation and it becomes the property of the state and the Florida Youth Hunting Program for which it was intended.
Maine: Constitutional/Permitless Carry Bill Heads to the Senate, Pro-Gun Legislation Signed
Yesterday, June 25th, Legislative Document 652 was taken off of the Appropriations Table. The NRA-backed Constitutional/Permitless Carry bill now heads to the state Senate for enactment.
Uber Threatens to Revoke Access for Drivers and Passengers Who Carry
On June 10, San Francisco-based Uber Technologies Inc., operators of the popular Uber ride-sharing cell phone application, altered company policy to prohibit its drivers and passengers from possessing firearms while using the service. Under the “Legal” portion of Uber’s website, the company posted the following:

Pennsylvania Court Rejects Law That Aided NRA Gun Challenges
A Pennsylvania state court on Thursday struck down a law designed to make it easier for gun owners and organizations like the National Rifle Association to challenge local firearms ordinances in court.

Australia: Gun controllers throw fit over lever-action shotgun
The Turkish-made Adler A110, a seven-shot lever-action gun, is marketed as a “game changer” for hunters because of its rapid-fire ability.An online video showing seven shots fired in as many seconds has sparked concerns from gun control advocates and Victoria Police that it may be too easily accessible.

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