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Can’t Talk Now Too Busy – Democrat Gun Runner

Can’t Talk Now Too Busy – Democrat Gun Runner

Almost seven in every 10 callers looking for help from the Canada Revenue Agency are greeted by a busy signal because the lines are overwhelmed, newly released documents show.

Figures tabled in Parliament this week show that in the 2014-15 fiscal year, about one-third of the 60.1 million calls made to the tax agency went through on the first try. The remaining two-thirds, or 40.9 million calls, got a busy signal.

The CRA’s phone system doesn’t allow every call into the system. When the system is at capacity, callers hear a busy signal, forcing them to make multiple calls.

So far this fiscal year, things have gotten worse.

The data show that of the 12.8 million calls between March 30 and May 1, 2015 — the most recent figures available — a busy signal greeted almost four in every five calls. At that rate, by the end of this fiscal year 59.6 million calls to the CRA won’t be connected right away — or at least be put in the queue to speak to an official.

The wait times are supposed to be two minutes, which the CRA meets about 81 per cent of the time, according to the figures tabled in response to an order paper question from Liberal MP Ralph Goodale.

Leland Yee

A prominent Democratic California state senator and gun-control advocate was indicted by a San Francisco grand jury on charges of corruption and conspiracy to traffic in firearms, according to court documents released on Friday.

The indictment adds to the troubles facing state Senator Leland Yee, who was arrested last week and criminally charged along with two dozen others in the same case. He has since been suspended with pay.

Yee, 65, is the third California state senator to face criminal charges this year in separate cases that have cost Democrats a cherished two-thirds legislative majority in an election year and prompted them to cancel a major fundraiser planned for this weekend.

Senate Democratic leader Darrell Steinberg, who has said that the charges against Yee “sickened” him, on Friday renewed calls for the senator to resign.

“Senator Steinberg renews his demand that Senator Yee resign, and resign now,” spokesman Rhys Williams said in an email to Reuters.

The party, which dominates both houses of the legislature and holds all statewide offices, effectively lost its two-thirds majority in the senate last month. Senators Ron Calderon and Roderick Wright were placed on paid leave of absence after Calderon was indicted on corruption charges and Wright was convicted of lying about living in the district he sought to represent. Both were later suspended with pay along with Yee.

Concealed carry

Friday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the Fourteenth Amendment requires a state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex and recognize those sanctioned by other states.

“No longer may this liberty be denied,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority in the landmark decision that arguably made same sex marriage a reality in the 13 remaining states that continued to ban the practice.

With similar logic applied, gun rights advocates argue that the nation’s patchwork of firearms laws governing the concealed carry of handguns are now circumspect under the same guidelines. In short, they reason if marriage equality is guaranteed from state to state, then so should concealed carry rights.

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