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Disband The RCMP – Communists and Liberals

Disband The RCMP – Communists and Liberals

“Its time to ban and disband the RCMP and replace them with a professional policing force, accountable to the same laws as every other Canadian, and accountable to their communities. Its clear, and we get reminded almost every day, that the RCMP has no clue about what professional policing is, what accountablity to the law is, and what accountablity to the communities they serve in, is. Get rid of them, do it now, and make sure that no one what has ever worked for the RCMP be allowed to ever work in a law enforcement related job, or with vulnerable groups.:”,+col1,+col2+from+1BK5KcWmvML7O_4ViyYXeVkEWKJzcF5MfZUfQI-Y

Communists and Liberals

The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupid liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda.

You will often find useful idiots (aka libtards) lounging about in a Starbucks with friends, discussing the shortcomings of America over a frappuccino. Useful idiots are a mix of urban hipsters, brainwashed college kids, busy bodies, self righteous do-gooders, silver pony-tailed hippies, (now college professors), quirky wannabe-intellectuals, hysterical females, girly-men, and Michael Moore devotees.

Useful Idiot Libtards aren’t necessarily bad people, and in many cases, are exceptionally warm and kind hearted. Many have high IQ’s and hold advanced degrees. They can hold files full of factoids in their brains, but lack the capacity to weave them together to find a coherent pattern. Though they fancy themselves as “free thinkers”, they are actually the most authority worshipping (politically correct) and servile creatures you will ever meet. When it comes to independent critical thought, they are astonishingly stupid …..and very dangerous! To paraphrase the late great Senator Joseph McCarthy, libtards are “the unwitting hand maidens of the Communists.”

It is important to note that many “conservatives” are just as deluded as useful liberal idiots. They spend all of their energy attacking low level libtards, feminists, environmentalists etc, while refusing to confront the real power that pulls their strings. From lofty perches high above the cloud level, the untouchable Globalists laugh as the “right” and the “left” beat each other up.

The good news about useful idiots, is that when one of them finally figures out how he has been played, he often becomes fanatically anti-Communist / anti-Globalist. There is hope for them…or at least some of them. is pleased to expose the intimate connection between the Globalists and their legions of “Useful Liberal Idiots.” Please share this information with the libtard in your life.

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