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Tax Payers and Rainbow Sidewalks

Tax Payers and Rainbow Sidewalks

Taxpayers pay for rainbow crosswalks in Philly

It’s good to be gay in the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia let its priorities be known when it had crosswalks in an area dubbed the “Gayborhood” painted in bright rainbow colors.
The walkways debuted Thursday and are adorned in stripes of red, orange, yellow, green and blue to represent the gay movement’s rainbow symbol, courtesy of Philly taxpayers.

Should Seattle Taxpayers be forced to pay for “rainbow sidewalks” in the city?”
The city of Seattle repainted 11 crosswalks in rainbow colors to commemorate the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay “marriage.” Painting and maintaining these crosswalks will cost the city nearly $100,000. But is that really fair to ask ALL citizens to foot the bill?

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A Kelowna woman will go as far as she has to in order to see new rainbow-coloured crosswalks at the intersection of Pandosy Street and Lawrence Avenue removed.

Nancy Enns said she’s prepared to go all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, if that’s what it takes.

The crosswalks popped up two weeks ago at the conclusion of a street and utilities upgrade at the intersection.

“Residents will notice that the pedestrian crossings vary from more traditional traffic markings and are painted in the colours of the rainbow,” the city stated in a release when the crosswalks were first introduced.

“Crosswalks like these celebrate diversity and can be found in several cities across Canada and North America, including Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and Philadelphia.”

Enns said it promotes a lifestyle she doesn’t approve of and has demanded the city remove them.

“It’s a lifestyle I don’t support. It’s a flag, it represents a lifestyle,” said Enns.

“Even if I did support it, it’s discriminatory in the sense that if I am going to support that lifestyle in that manner I am going to have to support every lifestyle. Where does that end. It’s discriminatory against other lifestyles.”

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