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Over 200,000 Sign #BoycottTarget Pledge in One Day

Yesterday it was noted that the American Family Association called for a boycott of all Target stores due to their new policy of allowing mentally ill men to use the women’s facilities – including fitting rooms.

Now, that petition has amassed over 200,000 signatures.

Look out, Target.

Financial hardship could soon be on the horizon.

From AFA:

In only a day, 200,000 concerned citizens have signed AFA’s #BoycottTarget pledge after the retail giant publicized its policy to allow transgender individuals access to store bathrooms and fitting rooms of the opposite-sex.

Corporate America must stop bullying people who disagree with the radical left agenda to remake society into their progressive image. #BoycottTarget has resonated with Americans. Target’s harmful policy poses a danger to women and children. Predators and voyeurs would take advantage of the policy to prey on those who are vulnerable. It’s clear now that many customers agree. Target shoppers are leaving their allegiance to the store behind—and by the thousands every hour. No store can withstand that sort of loss.

Sad to see Target stoop to liberal levels of depravity, but make no mistake, it will end up costing them business.

Caving to the LGBT agenda only puts women and young girls in harms way, and this cartoon is a hilarious example.

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