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Dallas Cowboys Defy Obama, Take Jaw-Dropping Pro-Cop Stand

Regardless of how you feel about their performance on the football field, Americans everywhere should be cheering the Dallas Cowboys for the message they just sent to leftists, including Divider-in-Chief Barack Obama, with their pro-police tribute. The sight itself was jaw-dropping, but the massive stand is what’s really impressive as they boldly defied the false narrative promoted by Obama and his fellow progressives.

As the Cowboys’ training camp began, players took the field in waves, but it’s not the famed NFL players that left people jaw-dropped. Arm-in-arm in a display of solidarity, they escorted special guests onto the field in a tribute that’s making headlines for all the right reasons.

To pay tribute to the 5 fallen Dallas officers, players, including Jason Witten, Tony Romo, and Dez Bryant, walked arm-in-arm onto the field with families of the Dallas police officers killed by a gunman last month, Right Wing News reports. The move was much different than what we saw at last week’s Democratic National Convention, where criminals were applauded and our lost law enforcement officers were seemingly forgotten, and it left an impression on Dallas Police Chief David Brown, who was present as well.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown, center, walks arm-in-arm with the Dallas Cowboys (Source: PoliceOne)

Dallas Police Chief David Brown, center, walks arm-in-arm with the Dallas Cowboys (Source: PoliceOne)

“This moment here is overwhelming,” Brown said in a brief news conference after the ceremony before the team’s first full practice Saturday, PoliceOne reports. “Our profession — and I’ve repeated this — hasn’t seen a lot of support from communities because of some of the problems we see in communities with police relationships. So support like this really is priceless.”

During the ceremony, Chief Brown addressed the team and shouted “Dallas strong” as he wrapped up his remarks. Also present were families and children of 4 of the 5 officers killed in the Dallas ambush during a Black Lives Matter rally, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, other Dallas officers, and several councilmembers. During the tribute, participants took the field in four waves before players and coaches formed a circle with the Dallas contingent for a moment of silence.

A helmet decal was unveiled, which the Cowboys will wear in the preseason and possibly the regular season. It reads, “arm in arm” in a circle around a star meant to symbolize a mix of the Cowboys’ famous logo and the star Dallas police wear on their uniforms.

Mayor Rawlings thanked the team for lifting up the city, adding, “Those families, those young kids — to be arm-in-arm with a quarterback, a coach or a big lineman — they’ll remember that for the rest of their lives.” What will also be remembered is how a community can be brought together when that’s what leaders and role models choose to do.

Dallas players with Dallas police and families of the fallen officers.

Dallas players with Dallas police and families of the fallen officers.

“The special thing about our game is that it can bring a community together,” said Jason Witten, a 13-year NFL veteran and father of four. “It can lift you up when you’re down. Today was all about that. We just wanted to honor them, just show support and a tribute to them.”

“It was special to see the kids that were here … maybe hug a loved on there, a wife or a mother,” said Witten, who had taken the field while holding hands with 8-year-old Magnus Ahrens, son of slain Dallas officer Lorne Ahrens. “What they’ve gone through, I can’t even fathom that. Just hopefully put a smile on their face and show them how much we respect them and we want to honor them in that.”

The team also released a statement about their unity ceremony, which said, “Our players felt that there is no better example of what unity is — and can be about — than a sports team, and they felt they had the opportunity — for the first time they were together this year — to send this very important message.”

Chief Brown addressing the team

Chief Brown addressing the team

Chief Brown’s speech to the team carried a similar message. “I talked about responsibility and playing a role in our society as pro athletes, to have a voice in the conversation about race, to have a voice in the conversation about communities and police departments and police-involved shootings,” Brown recalled of the words he shared with the players. “I think that people need to hear, from all parts of society, a discussion on race.”

Hopefully, this beautiful tribute will set the example for all Americans who have forgotten what we stand for and what true unity really looks like. This is not Obama’s America, and we will not be so easily divided. We will defy the lies of the left and their attempts to destroy our nation. While misguided movements continue to create chaos and division, as they attempt to further devolve our society, patriotic Americans are stepping up to remind us what love , support, and unity really look like. This is what will bring positive change, and this is what needs to spread like wildfire — not the false narrative destroying America.


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