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Concealed Carry on Campus – Illegals Crossing Into Canada

The Importance of Concealed Carry on Campus

I have been a college professor since 1988 and have always been aware of the vulnerability of college students — particularly female college students — to criminal attack. For a number of years, I taught women’s self-defense classes at my college to try to do what I could to prepare women to protect themselves. It wasn’t until 2004 that the ultimate self-defense tool became available to the citizens of Ohio: the lawful carry of concealed handguns in public.


Texas State University Student Senate Requests Expanded Campus Carry

On Monday, February 20, the Texas State University Student Senate passed S.R. 2016-2017.14, “A Resolution to Allow Campus Wide Concealed Carry,” on a vote of 27 to 5.

This resolution, which asks university administrators to repeal the institution’s current restrictions on campus carry, will now go to the student body president, who will decide whether to sign or veto it.

Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2017/02/texas-state-university-student-senate-requests-expanded-campus-carry/#ixzz4dCxhjctf

Almost half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported

Nearly half of Canadians want to deport people who are illegally crossing into Canada from the United States, and a similar number disapprove of how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is handling the influx, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Monday.

A significant minority, four out of 10 respondents, said the border crossers could make Canada “less safe,” underlining the potential political risk for Trudeau’s Liberal government.

The increasing flow of hundreds of asylum-seekers of African and Middle Eastern origin from the United States in recent months is becoming a contentious issue in Canada.

Although there has been broad bipartisan support for high levels of legal immigration for decades in Canada, Trudeau is under pressure over the flow of the illegal migrants.


Canadian Illegally Crossing U.S. Border Gets Arrested, Fined $5K, ‘Expedited Removal’

A Canadian who illegally crossed the border this week was fined $5,000 for breaking U.S. law, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reports. At $5,000 a pop, that could add up to significant revenue if the government fined all those who have illegally entered the U.S.

On the afternoon of Sept. 7, a U.S. Border Patrol agent from the Houlton Sector arrested a 44 year-old male Canadian citizen for illegally entering the United States south of the Notre Dame, Canada border crossing area.

Illegal migrants breaching Quebec-Vermont border crossing

The Quebec-Vermont border is the scene of growing chaos as illegal migrants hop over unguarded entry points or drive through guarded crossings on the outbound lanes, zipping by helpless Canadian border officials.

The goal of the migrants, many of whom come from Roma communities in Europe, is to make their refugee claims from inside Canada, officials say. If captured at the border, they risk being returned to the United States on the basis of a bilateral agreement.


Don Meredith says ‘racism has played a role’ in his sex scandal
Senator says he is taking a leave of absence from the Senate but is not ready to resign seat

Embattled Senator Don Meredith begged forgiveness for his “moral failing” over his sexual relationship with a teenager but said Thursday he was not ready to resign.

Speaking out for the first time since a damning ethics report, Meredith told The Canadian Press he was taking a leave of absence from the Senate on the advice of his doctor, and would be considering his options in the coming days and weeks.

“This is a moral failing on my part,” a grim-faced Meredith said in a wide-ranging interview, with his wife Michelle quietly at his side. “As a human being, I made a grave error in judgment, in my interactions. For that I am deeply sorry.”


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