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Hannity Unleashes Tweetstorm, Posts Rachel Maddow’s Advertisers ‘Fighting Fire With Fire’


Fox News’ Sean Hannity broke his 5 day silence on Twitter by unleashing a tweetstorm on ultra left-wing Rachel Maddow.

Sean Hannity’s advertisers were recently targeted by George Soros’ Media Matters following Hannity’s reporting on slain DNC staffer, Seth Rich. Hannity has been accused by the left for reporting ‘conspiracy theories’ so Hannity retweeted a series of fake news articles proving Rachel Maddow has reported many false stories.

Sean Hannity retweeted 21 different tweets, mainly from an account called ‘Stop the Scalpings’ defending Sean Hannity while attacking liberal counterpart, Rachel Maddow. In one tweet, Stop the Scalpings linked to their website, Media Equalizers‘ which listed Rachel Maddow’s advertisers with contact info, emails and phone numbers. 

List of Maddow’s advertisers:

Fight fire with fire:

Rachel Maddow pushes Trump-Russia conspiracy theories round the clock:

Maddow mocked injured Obamacare protester:

Maddow made up stories about Obamacare opponents:

More falsehoods from Maddow:

Maddow defended now convicted sex predator, Anthony Weiner:

Let Maddow’s sponsors know you are fed up:

Payback’s a b—-

Hannity also tweeted out a few of Maddow’s fake news stories:

UPDATE: Also Peloton and USAA Insurance announced they will resume advertising on Hannity.

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