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Dem Runs Scared After People Protest at Her Town Hall

For the past few months, Republican town hall meetings all across the country have been crashed by organized liberal activists intent on shutting down any discussion that they don’t like.

Democrats so far have largely been immune from these sorts of protests, but first-term Democrat California Rep. Nanette Barragán recently got a taste of what it is like to have a town hall swamped with supporters of President Donald Trump, a YouTube video of the event shows.

Barragán was holding a town hall in Carson, California, the day after Trump announced his decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, when she got a real shock.

Instead of a bunch of liberals at the town hall crying their eyes out over the environment and screaming about the “resistance,” Barragán was met by several dozen angry Trump supporters who chanted “we love Trump,” and other slogans during the meeting.

Initially, Barragán tried to talk over/argue with the Trump supporters, and the few Democrats in attendance attempted to get the Trump supporters to be quiet, but that didn’t work.

“You did this at their town halls, and now you want respect? Hypocrites!” shouted one Trump supporter at the Democrats who weren’t happy about the chanting, Breitbart noted.

Rather than attempt to engage in a dialogue with the supporters, Barragán ended the town hall and moved it somewhere else.

The video shows Barragán’s staff actually screened the people who were allowed the enter the new venue.

The protesters followed her the entire way to the new venue, chanting at her, insulting a few media outlets and generally making sure she didn’t escape them that easily.

“Wow, look at that, closing the door,” said the man who was recording the entire event. “You guys believe in open borders, you’re supposed to be about inclusion and openness.”

His comment is exactly right. Liberals are all for people doing whatever they want to do — unless it goes against what liberals want them to do.

Want to claim you are a woman trapped in a man’s body? Great! Want to scream about Russian conspiracy theories with no proof? Perfect!

Want to hold a conversation about policies that differ from what liberals believe? You’re a monster who has no right to your opinion.

Barragán simply couldn’t handle the fact that not everyone in her district is on her side, and some people are quite upset that she, and her fellow Democrats, are actively obstructing the Trump administration at every turn.

These weren’t organized liberals just looking to cause a nuisance. These were patriotic Americans who actually believe in what they were saying, and are legitimately upset with the congresswoman.

If this congresswoman had a spine, she would have actually listened to these protesters instead of trying to shut down their right to protest and moving the event to a place where she would only be surrounded by those who agree with her.

Democrats around the nation need to take a long, hard look at this video. Just because Trump supporters haven’t been at every liberal town hall doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, watching their representatives and getting angrier about the state of politics in Washington.

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