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Hannity: Mueller Witch Hunt ‘Needs to be Shut Down Immediately’

Chris Menahan

Sean Hannity said Monday on Fox News that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe “needs to be shut down immediately” due to his conflicts of interests.

Former FBI Director James Comey specifically stated during his testimony he leaked his memos to the media in the hope that a special counsel would be appointed. That’s exactly what happened and the special counsel is his close friend and former coworker Robert Mueller, whom Comey “closely coordinated” his testimony with.

Bulletpoints via BizPacReview:

Mueller worked closely with Comey when Mueller was FBI director from 2001 to 2013.

During this time, the two developed a warm friendship.

Comey testified that he had his FBI memos leaked to the New York Times to trigger the hiring of a special counsel.

Days after Comey was fired, Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel.

Comey reportedly “coordinated” his Senate testimony with Mueller last week.

Several members of Mueller’s staff are Democrats who have donated to their favorite leftist politicians.

Democrats in D.C. hate Trump.

Comey is still furious that Trump fired him.

Mueller is in charge of investigating the guy who fired his friend.

While the media is hyperventilating over the prospect Trump may shut this witch hunt down, shutting this scheme down now is like pulling off a band-aid.

The media is already totally hysterical even though there’s no evidence of collusion. What’s actually going to change? They’re going to accuse him of even more Russkie conspiracy theories? Who cares?

Odds are at least 80% that deep state crony Robert Mueller is entirely intent on bringing down his presidency by any means necessary, and he had endless time and money to do so.

Firing Mueller would fall on backstabbing saboteur Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He made it pretty clear this afternoon he’s going to run cover for Mueller.

Trump needs to call all these cronies into his old Apprentice studio office and fire the lot of them.

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