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A Liberal Loonie – Socialist Trudeau’s 1 & 2

Looking back on the loonie’s arrival in Ottawa 30 years ago

Iconic Canadian coin went into circulation in June 1987

The loonie is turning 30.

On June 30, 1987, the new dollar coin went into circulation, and Canadians soon found their wallets thinner and their pockets heavier as the dollar bill began to disappear.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the loonie, we decided to dig into our archives to see how Ottawa adapted to our iconic new currency.


Like Father, Like Son : Globalist Visions Of Justin & Pierre Trudeau

Barely three months into a four year term, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already revealed the level of respect he has for Canadian citizens— none whatsoever. Breaking campaign promises like a drunk breaks glasses at a tea party, Trudeau has revised or reneged on one campaign promise after another. Withdrawing jet fighters from the Middle East, fulfilling Syrian refugee quotas (are any of the refugees actually Syrian?), and legalizing weed are three which quickly come to mind.

Nor does our poster-boy Prime Minister show respect for those who voted him into office. Like father Pierre Trudeau— a former three-term leader of our nation— the value of public opinion is taking a back seat to personal egotism, irreverence and arrogance.


Justin Trudeau: Baby-faced Commie apologist unmasked

Wasn’t one vapid pretty boy named Justin from Canada enough?

At least Justin Bieber is eye candy without the heartburn. Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, is the twinkly-eyed boy toy who makes informed adults wanna hurl.

For more than a year, the liberal Canadian Prime Minister enjoyed drool-stained global press coverage as the “hot hipster” and “dreamy sex symbol” with great hair and a tribal Haida tattoo. He basked in Ryan Gosling-esque memes about his commitment to feminism and touched off “Trudeau-mania” with a series of shirtless selfies and photobombs.

But this weekend, the sane world saw the baby-faced Commie apologist for the naked twit he truly is.


Under Trudeau, Canada Spends Over $10 Billion In Foreign Aid

Justin Trudeau calls himself a citizen of the world and wants Canada to be a “post-national state.” It seems he is putting those words into action, to the detriment of the Canadian people.

While it’s no big surprise that he would be willing to give so much taxpayer money away outside of our country, the sheer scale of the spending is shocking.
According to CIJ News, the Canadian Government gives away $10 billion in foreign aid every year. Even more money was just announced by the government, sending $119.25 million to Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen

As part of that package alone, tens of millions of our taxpayer dollars will be sent to United Nations Agencies – including $81.6 million for the UN population fund.

Of the overall $10 billion, $2.65 billion goes towards “helping other countries deal with climate change.” So, not only is Justin Trudeau about to bring in a carbon tax in Canada, he’ll send some of that money out of the country to implement environmental policy overseas.


Time to spend Canadian taxpayers money in Canada

It’s clear that Justin Trudeau sees himself as a “global leader” rather than a leader of Canada. His globalist-elitist mindset probably thinks just governing Canada is “below him,” hence his countless foreign trips, attempts to erode free speech, and cash-for-access corruption.


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