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Trudeau Entitlements – Taxpayer Bailout to the Media

Need More Proof That Justin Trudeau Has a Sense of Entitlement?

This week the media reported three new examples of entitled Liberal spending. Not one, three! You’d think that after spending in excess of $137,000 on a lavish private vacation – a mistake Justin Trudeau tried to pin on the RCMP – and receiving $1500 per person to meet with foreign lobbyists, Justin Trudeau would have learned his lesson. Apparently not.

The first revelation is that 14 Crown corporations and Government departments reported spending in excess of $111,000 at the Rideau Club. The Rideau Club is a pricey private club atop a downtown Ottawa skyscraper where lobbyists and the Ottawa elite “wine and dine” MPs and civil servants. A membership costs $2500 a year. Let me tell you, there are many fine places to meet and eat in Ottawa for a whole lot cheaper. Under the previous Conservative Government the popularity of the Rideau Club declined drastically because we ensured there was scrutiny of government spending.


Trudeau’s Sense of Entitlement Knows No Bounds

Even those who love Justin Trudeau may need the barf bag for this one. It has nothing to do with his pretty face or good hair. It has much to do with his inbred, endless sense of entitlement.

The liberal party is calling for parliamentary reforms. The prime minister has announced that [he] wants to change the rules of Parliament to make lives easier. We are guessing that ‘lives’ means his life. Here’s a taste of what they want:

1. That sunny-ways Justin only attend question period in the House of Commons once a week.

2. Eliminate Friday sittings, and re-allocate the hours to other days of the week. The House of Commons could meet earlier on other days, for example. Alternately, the report suggests making Fridays a full work day. Committees currently don’t meet on Fridays. What? Does this make sense Blanche? Now some people work on Fridays while others don’t. So they want to make sure that no one works on Fridays? Special.


Media wants Tax money

$400M in taxes needed to help fund Canadian journalism: Report

A major new report is calling for dramatic changes to help shore up Canada’s news industry as it faces a massive decline in revenues and a growing “fake news” problem.

The 100-page Public Policy Forum report calls for a sales tax on foreign companies selling digital subscriptions in Canada and a “Future of Journalism and Democracy” fund to help finance reliable news and information, with $100 million in federal seed money

Tax changes that would provide the fund with $300 to $400 million a year;
A new “local” mandate for news agency The Canadian Press;
Requiring the CBC to share for free the right to publish its news content with other organizations, with an initial focus on not-for-profit groups;
Denying the public broadcaster the ability to sell advertising on its digital platforms.


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