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RCMP Police State – Firearm Legal Defence

Canada: RCMP “Police State” Usurps Supreme Court Power to Interpret the Law

In what’s become standard practice in Canada, the RCMP once again usurped legislative and judicial authority. On June 14, 2017, these unelected bureaucrats issued a legal interpretation expanding the definition of the term “firearm” to include unfinished receiver blanks.

The Criminal Code of Canada, Section 2, defines the term “firearm.”
◦firearm means a barrelled weapon from which any shot, bullet or other projectile can be discharged and that is capable of causing serious bodily injury or death to a person, and includes any frame or receiver of such a barrelled weapon and anything that can be adapted for use as a firearm;

The bolded portion of that definition is where the RCMP hangs its decision to define unfinished receiver blanks as “firearms.”

By this logic, we must now classify the entire gas pipe and plumbing sections of Canadian Tire as restricted devices because they “can be adapted for use as a firearm.”


Moncton Shooting Of RCMP Officers Leads To Militarized Police State

With less then one month to go until the 3 year anniversary of the Moncton shooting, the RCMP want to equip their officers with military grad carbines and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth calls for an end to the increasing police state in Canada.

more at https://pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/moncton-shooting-rcmp-officers-leads-militarized-police-state/

Federal Liberals to hand final firearms approval back to RCMP bureaucrats

‘We know of no other Western democracy,’ in which a cabinet has the authority to override firearms classification rules set out in legislation, a spokesman said

Mounties will once again have final authority over the classification of firearms, the Liberal government says, reversing legislative changes made by the Conservatives allowing Cabinet to override RCMP decisions.

Police are the “experts” in these matters, Scott Bardsley, a spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, said in an email Friday.

“We know of no other Western democracy,” he added, in which a cabinet or government department has the authority to override firearms classification rules set out in legislation.


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