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Jerry Henry: Does Gun Control Work? Don’t Bet on It

As with every murderous incident involving multiple victims, gun prohibitionists immediately start calling for more gun control even though blood from the last victim has not yet dried at the scene.

They don’t wait for the details of the crime to be determined, as that is not important to them. What is important to the gun prohibitionists is control; not gun control, just control, and that involves every facet of your life. Never forget their goal as they certainly will not.

Let us look at some of the controls they feel would solve this problem.

Background checks? The claim is that too many guns are sold through the so-called gun show loophole and that every firearm sold should require a background check of the purchaser.  Less than one tenth of one percent of all firearms sold are via private sale and even less of those are ever used in a crime. Of course, the gun prohibitionists overlook the fact that the last several firearms used in multiple victim murders were all sold to persons who passed a background check. And besides being ineffective, these checks cost money and take more of the law-abiding citizen’s time when purchasing a firearm.

The Sutherland Church murderer passed a background check even though he should have been tagged as a prohibited person. This was caused by a government agency foul-up.

Banning the modern sporting rifles such as AR-15 type rifles? All long guns, including all rifles and shotguns account for fewer murders than hammers, baseball bats, hands and feet, and many other implements.  These rifles represent no greater threat to the general public than many household items.

full story at http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/11/08/jerry-henry-gun-control-work-dont-bet/

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