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Homosexual Secretariat in Privy Council Office

In the March, 2017 budget, Trudeau established a homosexual secretariat in the Privy Council Office, headed by homosexual Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault (Edmonton Centre). Mr. Boissonnault’s responsibilities include coordinating the machinery of government to advance homosexual rights. Boissonnault claims that his new role has already led to the recent Liberal decision to provide a federal tax credit for homosexuals to use reproductive technology to create children. Such children are only “objects” to satisfy homosexual couples. This has been done despite a mountain of evidence which shows that children require opposite-sex parents to grow up to be well-balanced individuals.

Boissonnault’s job also includes working with LGBT organizations and the government to provide an apology to homosexuals for supposed past discrimination. He also plans to work behind the scenes at the Commonwealth meetings where 36 of 52 member nations do not accept the west’s approach to homosexuality.


Pierre’s Degenerate Leftism

While I respect Pierre Trudeau’s hard work, style, and intelligence, I deplore his leftist politics, which started early; when Trudeau was at Harvard, he wrote his dissertation on Marxism, and later fell under socialist Harold Laski’s influence in London.

As Canada’s Minister of Justice, he liberalized divorce laws and legalized abortion. During his second tenure as Prime Minister, he alienated resource-rich Western Canada with his National Energy Policy, a centrally-planned (i.e. ‘socialist’) program to dispel so-called affordable energy across the country. Most disturbingly, perhaps, he was responsible for the widespread adoption and promotion of multiculturalism, a policy which has wreaked havoc on true Canadian values.
Margaret Trudeau, the woman who made Justin Trudeau a feminist, was a terrible wife to Justin’s father. While Pierre was busy crafting policy, Margaret was bored, and entertained herself by going out clubbing, sleeping with random men, and snorting cocaine. For her sixth wedding anniversary, Margaret ‘partied’ with Mick Jagger in the back of his limousine, and, later in her life, expressed regret that she hadn’t had sex with every Rolling Stone band member.

The Prime Minister’s wife herself admitted to affairs with Lou Rawls, Tom Sullivan, and Jack Nicholson in her autobiography, and some even allege that she had sex with Fidel Castro and Ted Kennedy. In addition to these adulterous liaisons, she abused cocaine and other drugs.
Regardless, the point is not to dwell on the past, but rather to use its lessons to inform us as masculine men. While it is certainly necessary to be an alpha father, it is not sufficient. Degenerate ideologies, like feminism, multiculturalism, and leftism, will cause your children to stray down a dark, dangerous, and ultimately self-destructive path.


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