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Tucker Carlson: Gun Confiscation Proponents Risk ‘Civil War’

Glaze is the former head of Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety. Carlson’s comments came after Glaze bounced from one gun control idea to another, grasping to find one he could justify. His ideas ranged from background checks–which we already have–to all-out bans on certain categories of firearms.

Carlson seized on the push to ban certain firearms and said, “You’re saying ban a class of firearms, any rifle with a capacity of more than one above a certain caliber. I don’t know exactly what the criteria are that you’re suggesting, but basically any rifle that you’d use for deer hunting would be banned?’

Glaze then he would rather make a distinction “between long guns, that are technically semiautomatic, and semiautomatic ‘assault weapons.’”


Carlson interrupted and said, “To gun owners, these are meaningless distinctions.” He then asked Glaze what he would be prepared to do to people who do not willingly hand over their guns.

Glaze said, “I think you, at a bare minimum, fine them severely for it and build an incentive for them to [cooperate].”

Carlson looked at Glaze and asked, “Are you ready for the civil war that would ensue if you try to take people’s guns?”

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