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Not Guilty Not Right says Trudeau

Tories accuse PM of ‘political interference’ after comments on Boushie case

The federal Conservatives are accusing Justin Trudeau of “political interference,” after the prime minister responded to the acquittal of a white farmer in the death of a young Indigenous man by saying the criminal justice system has to “do better.”

Trudeau made the comments after a jury in Battleford, Sask., Friday found Gerald Stanley not guilty of second-degree murder in the 2016 death of 22-year-old Colten Boushie, a resident of the Red Pheasant First Nation

DANGEROUS: Trudeau & Liberal Ministers Threaten Judicial Independence With Comments On Gerald Stanley Verdict

It’s a dangerous move for the Prime Minister and Justice Minister to intervene and make comments on a case that is still before the courts.

The ruling in the Gerald Stanley case, in which he was found not guilty in the death of Colten Boushie, has divided the country.

Unfortunately, instead of seeking to bring the country together, or refraining from interfering in what is still an ongoing judicial matter (because of potential appeals), Justin Trudeau and some of his ministers have inserted themselves into the situation, in what is a very dangerous move.

While the death of Colten Boushie is tragic, it appears that the Trudeau government has put emotion ahead of the importance of protecting judicial independence – one of the cornerstones of our freedom as Canadians.

Justin Trudeau- born and raised a communist

Canada is an interesting country. Spreading across the top of the Nth American continent it has widely varying cultural norms. (I lived in both Montreal and Edmonton for a few years, so I know) Canada’s current PM, Justin Trudeau, was elected by Eastern Liberals and is viewed with intense distaste by Canadians in other parts of the country.

Trudeau has made a name for himself as an extreme left winger, and unsurprisingly, an idiot. Some even suggest that due to his facial characteristics he is the son of Fidel Castro, the murderous Cuban dictator his mother (actress and “flower child” Margaret Sinclair) adored.

Justin Trudeau- born and raised a communist

Why Justin Trudeau shares his dad’s love of murderous communist despots like Castro
A plausable conjecture is that both Trudeaus share an abiding faith in the power of the state

There should have been no surprise at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s colossally disingenuous statement on the death of Fidel Castro. The Trudeaus have been at this for six decades, flirting with the murderous icons of communist oppression since the 1950s when Trudeau the First expressed his admiration for elements of Stalin’s Soviet Communism

CANADA How The Communists Took Control

MANY Canadians know a lot about America.

They watch American television. They read American magazines. But until a few years ago most Americans didn’t know much about Canada. There was the colorful Calgary Stampede, of course. There were the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. There was Sergeant Preston – and his loyal dog, King. But that, as far as most knew, was it.

The situation has now been simplified. There is only one thing anyone has time to know: The events of last year prove that if enough Canadians, with the help of enough Americans, don’t act soon enough to prevent it, Canada in a very short time will be a totalitarian dictatorship of the kind in Cuba.

The story starts with Prime Minister Pierre-Elliott Trudeau who, as your newspaper has told you, is irresistibly charmant. By now you know that those admitted to his presence leave forever enchanté. His wit is like champagne, his learning immense. He adores pretty girls. They adore him. His overpowering masculinity may well destroy the Women’s Liberation Front.

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