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Ohio & Texas Shootings – Dem. Controlled Cities Are Dangerous

Elizabeth Warren And DNC Fundraising Off Tragedy Of Shootings In El Paso And Dayton

Elizabeth Warren is using the tragic shootings that took place over the weekend to raise money for Democrats who are running for the Senate in 2020.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) sent a fundraising email Monday on the heels of two mass shootings, urging donations to Democratic Senate campaigns.

Shooters in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, over the weekend killed a combined 29 people, reigniting a fierce debate over gun rights.

2020 Dems Blame Trump for Weekend Mass Shootings

Five Democratic presidential contenders on Monday huddled with Latino leaders in this southern border town, at first exchanging warm smiles and outpourings of respect and affection.

Their moods, however, quickly turned somber and then angry as they used the gathering to lash out at President Trump for what they called “racist” and “anti-immigrant” rhetoric they say spurred the deadly mass shootings in Ohio and Texas that killed at least 31 over the weekend.

Power-hungry, court-packing Democrats are making Trump’s worst tendencies seem mild

Ever since the 2016 campaign, Democrats have warned that candidate and then President Trump would destroy the nation’s norms of governance. He was threatening to loosen libel laws, casting aspersions on the free press, and creating doubts about the legitimacy of fair American elections. (Note that this was before that last one became a requirement for losing Democratic candidates.)

After Trump’s election, Democrats warned — not always incorrectly — that he is straining constitutional bonds, attempting to weaken checks and balances against his own presidential power.

Yet for all Trump’s sins, it is the Democrats who are now threatening to abuse power on a much grander scale than anything Trump has tried or even threatened.

19 of the 20 most dangerous cities in America are run by the same party. Guess which one

The vast majority of those cities have been run by Democrats for decades upon decades.

Here are the top 20 cities with the highest gun murder rates in the U.S. per capita. Of these, every city except the last one, Tulsa, has a Democrat majority in the mayoralty and City Council or Board of Aldermen.

Here are the non-fatal shootings top 20 per capita. Notice the overlap of several cities; the cities on the non-fatal list absent on the murder list are also Democrat-run cities, except for the last one, Jacksonville.

ABC Admits Ohio Shooter Was a ‘Leftist,’ CBS/NBC Still Covering It Up

As NewsBusters research analyst Bill D’Agostino exposed Tuesday afternoon, the liberal broadcast networks were doing their best to avoid telling their viewers that the gunman behind the Dayton mass shooting was an admitted ‘leftist.’ But hours later, ABC’s World News Tonight was the first flagship network news program to break that trend when they footnoted that fact.

Meanwhile, the flagship CBS and NBC newscasts were still avoiding it like the plague.

Oh, So That’s Why The Liberal Media Is Painfully Avoiding Dayton Shooter’s Political Beliefs

In less than 24 hours, we had two brutal mass shootings. In all, 31 people have been killed and scores more injured. In El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, two armed nutjobs executed senseless acts of carnage. The political games began almost immediately. El Paso was committed by a white supremacist, whose anti-immigrant views were just as explicit as his apparent adherence to eco-terrorism. In Dayton, the shooter, Connor Betts, a disturbed individual who had a kill and rape lists of his classmates, was an avowed leftist, who backed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), gun control, and supported the left-wing extremist group Antifa. These aren’t necessarily clear-cut cases of white supremacist violence, which the media has tried to force-feed down our throats. There’s loads of nuance.

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