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Activists: Transgenders Are Sexually Unwanted, Government Should End ‘Compulsory Heterosexuality’

Neil Munroby Neil Munro

The government should intervene to boost the sexual attractiveness of transgender people because they are sexually rejected by roughly 97 percent of heterosexuals, and by most gays and lesbians, according to a survey by pro-transgender advocates.

“Why should the resultance to date trans individuals be treated differently than the coercive and regulating effects of compulsory heterosexuality?” says the 2019 study, titled “Transgender Exclusion from the World of Dating.” The article continued:

Choices in romantic partnerships are frequently overlooked and chalked-up to a mere matter of personal preference … [but] transmisogyny is symptomatic of the current gender order and demonstrates the continued role of power relations in shaping lived-realities … the current article illustrates the great degree of progress still to be made in moving toward a society that is truly inclusive of diverse gender realities.

In a just society, the authors declare, men who present themselves as transgender women should face no unusual obstacle to romance with men or women:

While education often aims to increase tolerance and inclusion, simply increasing acceptance in public places, such as schoolyards, workplaces, and washrooms is ultimately insufficient, it is equally important to consider the extent to which trans folks are included in broader social systems, such as dating and relationships, given that relationship are an import source of social support and well-being.

The government intervention is needed because the authors admit their survey of 956 people shows that transgender people are sexually unattractive.

The survey contained a disproportionately large share of young female Canadian graduates and American sexual minorities, but only 3.1 percent of the straight men and women said they would date transgender people.

Transgender men who try to live as women face sexual rejection from 71 percent of lesbians and 97.3 percent of men, the survey said. The survey did say if the men had undergone cosmetic surgery.

The survey included a hugely disproportionate share of 106 people who are sexual minorities, including lesbians and gays plus “queer,” “bisexual,” and “two-spirit” people. But only 45 percent of these sexual minorities said they would date a transgender person, the report said.

The sexual minorities were far more welcoming of women who want to live as men, so only one-in-six of the 45 percent minority of a minority said they would date a man who insists he is a woman.

The new survey of transgender rejection matches prior results from a 2017 survey, which also showed that many Americans decently sympathize with transgender people and want to help them:

Just four percent of normal heterosexual Americans said they would be “very open” to dating a “transgender person,” and only a third [of them] would be willing to tell their parents about the relationship, according to the survey by

The progressive authors do not urge the small number of transgender people to seek other options, for example, waiting to see if their feelings change, or perhaps accepting a gay or lesbian identity. Instead, the authors use the plight of transgender Americans to push for a government-engineered transformation of sex and human relations throughout the United States.

Progressives believe this sexual revolution is possible because they believe sexual preferences are merely a “social construct,” which can be demolished and rebuilt by government. “Sexual classification is neither natural nor universal, but rather historically and culturally specific …. [and] sexual orientation is more accurately described as fluid …  or in a constant state of (re)negotiation,” say the authors, Karen L. Blair, and Rhea Ashley Hoskin.

In contrast, conservatives believe societies cannot govern themselves without accepting humanity’s flawed and slow-to-change biological nature, complete with its two very different and very complementary sexes.

The two different sexes are needed for reproduction, so humanity is a biologically heterosexual species which naturally pairs into complementary male-and-female couples for child-rearing. The heterosexual term originally comes from “hetero,” which is the Greek word for “other,” and from the Latin “sexus” word. The biological term has been sidelined for several decades because “heterosexual” is also used to describe the normal sexual relations between men and women in contrast to homosexual relations.

The two different sexes have created heterosexual societies throughout the world. In some nations, women and minorities are under tight legal control and face brutal stigma. But advanced nations provide a varied mix of legal rights and duties, as well as unwritten social protections and civic status, for sexual subgroups such as women and men, married adults, children, singles, as well as for minorities such as gays, lesbians, and for people who want to live as members of the opposite sex.

But progressives — especially “third wave” feminists — want a radical rewrite of society to dismantle the underlying “gender binary” of complementary male and female couples, and so liberate people from their biological nature.

But this progressive ambition would require nations to purge many of the evolved civic norms and laws which act as social handholds which help adults — as well as children and youths in their fast-changing bodies — to become mature, stable and married adults in an increasingly turbulent, lonely, diversified and low-trust society.

One simple example is the widespread — and often ignored — expectation that children and youths postpone sexual intercourse until they are adults. That expectation is denounced by transgender activists who want children and youths to fundamentally change their bodies even before puberty, via drugs and surgery. In California, for example, the Marin Independent Journal reported August 31:

Surgeons say they are busier than ever performing the multi-specialty operations needed for gender reassignment. Satterwhite, a plastic surgeon with San Francisco-based Align Surgical Associates who specializes in gender reassignment surgery and does a majority of his surgeries at MarinHealth Medical Center, said he is booked until the spring.August 31:

“Now that insurance has been readily covering the procedures, we have been seeing more and more of a demand,” said Satterwhite, who in late fall relocated his outpatient surgeries from Greenbrae to San Francisco.

Satterwhite said that over the past five years, 50 to 60 of his operations were on patients under the age of 18. He has operated on patients as young as 14, typically performing mastectomies, which he described as an operation with “minimal complications.”

The radical goals were endorsed by the Americal Psychological Society, which awarded a prize in 2018 to an article calling for a cultural revolution that end the dominant role of heterosexuality in society:

there are enormous costs to maintaining the gender binary. These costs include the myriad negative consequences of gender stereotyping and prejudice. For these reasons, the gender binary should be replaced by a conception of gender/sex that stresses multiplicity and diversity, including a multiplecategory (rather than binary) system, whose categories are not mutually exclusive (one can identify as more than one), fluid (one’s identity can change across time), and allow for the possibility that gender is viewed as irrelevant to the self. Following the recommendations for research and practice outlined here should facilitate scientific progress and promote positive developmental outcomes among all individuals.

To change the public’s view that heterosexuality is the normal and best path, the pro-transgender progressives have adopted a strategy of using their allies in universities, media, and marketing to first downplay the linguistic, legal and civic distinctions between the two sexes.

For example, progressives are using the vague idea of  “gender” to bury the obvious notion of “male or female.” This rhetorical carpet-bombing has also encouraged the claim that men who live as women possess a “female penis.”

Also, progressives use outliers —  such as gay people, transgender people, or “intersex” people who have some biological attributes of the other sex, or the fact that women produce small levels of the male hormone, testosterone  — to deny the overwhelming popularity of two-sex heterosexual normality.

But these overlapping outliers are very small. For example, a huge database about 104,000 people collected by the National Institute of Health shows that only 0.38 percent describe themselves as transgender. That 0.38 percent adds up to roughly 660,000 adults in the United State’s population of 325 million men and women, girls, and boys, few of whom favor the progressives’ plan to erase any recognition of male and female complementarity from the law.

This progressives’ strategy also requires their coalition to hide or downplay facts which spotlight the importance of biological sexual differences. For example, progressives ignore the many young women and men who “detransition” by quitting their damaging efforts to become transgender, and they denounce evidence that young people who would become gays or lesbians are being “transed.”

Progressives also pressure establishment journalists to ignore the arguments used by President Donald Trump’s deputies against the transgender ideology:

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