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Minimum Wage Effects – Trudeau Spending = Our Debt

Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour: What the research says

What the research saysResearch shows raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour would increase earnings for millions of low-wage workers. A higher minimum wage would also have some effect on employment, according to the 15 academic studies and other research surveyed below. Many analyses have found overall small employment effects, but some estimate relatively large job losses.

California Is Beginning To Feel The Negative Side Of Minimum Wage Hikes

The gloomy findings of the study are published at a time the US and the Californian economy are booming, near full-employment.And the situation could become worse, according to the study. “When the next recession arrives, the higher real minimum wage could increase overall job losses within the economy and lead to a higher unemployment rate than would have been the case without the minimum wage increases.


Trudeau’s antics on world stage show he’s same old drama teacher

Another international summit, another opportunity for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to mock U.S. President Donald Trump.Following the election, Trudeau has been somewhat aloof, leading many to speculate the PM may have reinvented himself into a serious, humble and low-key guy.No chance.

As Canada’s deficit soars, investors flee

In the 2015 federal election campaign, the Harper Conservatives proudly announced a no-deficit budget after years of working to rebalance spending and revenues following stimulus deficits necessitated by the 2008 global economic crisis.Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, behind in the polls when the writ was dropped, announced “modest” deficit spending totalling $25 billion in the first three years, returning to a balanced budget in the fourth. Although this was seen as a risky strategy at the time, the Liberals were rewarded with a decisive majority.

Justin Trudeau projected to be the largest debt accumulator in Canada’s history

Excluding Prime Ministers who served during a world war or a major economic downturn, Justin Trudeau is projected to go down as the biggest debt accumulating Prime Minister Canada has ever seen.A new report from the Fraser Institute detailing federal spending by Prime Ministers shows that Justin Trudeau is projected to raise the federal debt per person by 5.6% by the end of his first term. Sir Mackenzie Bowell and Sir John Abbott are the only other Prime Ministers to have increased the federal debt without facing an economic downturn or global conflict.

Trudeau’s reckless inexperience is hurting the Canadian economy

This is a classic tax-and-spend regime, run by a prime minister and cabinet without managerial or financial discipline or experienceIn 2015, the Liberals promised to balance the federal budget by the next election, in 2019, and to add no more than $20 billion to the debt. Not only will there be no breakeven this election year, but the burden of campaign promises, and servicing of the excessive debt they have piled on, will guarantee massive deficits for some time.The budget predicts deficits of $19.8 billion in 2019-20; $19.7 billion in 2020-21; and $14.8 billion in 2021-22

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