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Blockade Bill – Sell the CBC

Alberta legislature resumes with tabling of blockade bill

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party announced a new bill in Tuesday’s throne speech that is designed to put a stop to what he calls “illegal blockades.”

Kenney told reporters gathered at the Alberta legislature that blockades across Canada and Alberta have hurt the economies of every province.

“I have spoken to major player investors who have withdrawn or canceled multibillion dollar projected investments in Canada, in part because of an appearance of inability for Canada to govern itself along our critical infrastructure in particular,” Kenney said.

Kenney didn’t name any of the investors he spoke with.

He said the blockading of what he calls “critical infrastructure” is illegal and needs to stop.

Federal budget pledges $675-million in CBC funding

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. will get a $150-million boost to its bottom line after enduring years of deep cuts, as Tuesday’s federal budget earmarked cash to help drive the public broadcaster’s continuing shift to digital platforms.

A $675-million pledge by the Liberal government – which includes $75-million in new funds for the rest of this fiscal year followed by an extra $150-million annually through 2021 – is the anticipated centrepiece of an array of new cultural spending totalling nearly $1.9-billion over the next five years.

But the increased funding may come with strings attached. While Tuesday’s budget promises the government is “reinvesting and re-engaging” with the public broadcaster to ensure its “long-term sustainability,” it also requires that the CBC work with government “to develop a five-year accountability plan,” the details of which are not yet clear.

Do We Need the CBC?

The CBC has consistently lost market share to their private rivals that do not benefit from a taxpayer subsidy. This fact alone dictates that people have voted with their television remotes already. The CBC likes to spin the government funding they receive (a fairly substantial $1.16 billion) by saying that it creates 3x that much for the Canadian economy. My response is that a private company could take those assets and do even better for the Canadian economy as a whole (as evidenced by their already more efficient business models).

France cancels Paris half-marathon, gatherings of more than 5,000 over virus fears

French authorities have announced the cancellation of the Paris half-marathon scheduled for tomorrow amid coronavirus fears.

Authorities have also barred gatherings of more than 5,000 people.

There have been 57 cases of coronavirus in the country with two of them leading to deaths.

Saskatchewan MP introduces bill to ban sex-selective abortions

A Conservative MP from Yorkton, Sask., says she’s proud to introduce a private members bill that will give the country “the opportunity to have a good conversation.”

On Feb. 26, Cathay Wagantall put forward a proposed law that would ban abortions for the purpose of choosing a child’s sex.

She was inspired to put forth the bill after reading a recent poll conducted by DART &Maru/Blue for the National Post.

A particular statistic stood out to Wagantall: 84 per cent of Canadian adults polled in the survey said they think abortion should be illegal for families that do not want their baby to be a certain sex.

“We value human rights highly in this country and equality between men and women. This issue, as I say, impacts that equality,” Wagantall said.

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