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Socialism Never Works

Why Socialism Always Results in Tyrannical Rule

The Controlling Elite Love Socialism for the People-Control Properties of the System, But for the Average Citizen the Results Have Always Been Disastrous.

In the 20th century there have been numerous political systems, but in the latter half of the century there were only two survivors, Socialism and Capitalism. So we have at this time in the Western world, which for all practical purposes controls the world, two opposing political systems. (I have already previously stated that there is no basic difference between socialists and communists. There are, however, some very important factors relating to socialism of which you should be aware. Socialism will not work in a free market economy and, as a consequence it invariably deteriorates into a totalitarian state. Anyone wishing to argue that point is asked to point to one single instance where this was not the result).

It therefore behooves us to remember who the worst despotic governments of this century were: Nazis in Germany, Fascists in Italy, Communists in the USSR, [Romania, East Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Cuba, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.] and China – each and every one of them a paragon of socialist endeavor. Their leaders; Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin [Ceausescu, Tito, Pol Pot, etc.] and Mao Tse Tung. The outstanding legacy of these individuals is that they each tried to out-do the others in the total number of their own citizens which they murdered. It is a fact that each of these men killed more of their own civilian citizens than they lost in military conflict.

Justin Trudeau- born and raised a communist

Canada is an interesting country. Spreading across the top of the Nth American continent it has widely varying cultural norms. (I lived in both Montreal and Edmonton for a few years, so I know) Canada’s current PM, Justin Trudeau, was elected by Eastern Liberals and is viewed with intense distaste by Canadians in other parts of the country.

Trudeau has made a name for himself as an extreme left winger, and unsurprisingly, an idiot. Some even suggest that due to his facial characteristics he is the son of Fidel Castro, the murderous Cuban dictator his mother (actress and “flower child” Margaret Sinclair) adored.

Jason Kenney wants public ownership of Alberta oil and gas, and Albertans could buy shares

In the days immediately after the Teck Resources decision to pull its Frontier oil sands project application, Jason Kenney laid out a startling new ambition for his province: public ownership of Alberta oil and gas projects.

You might have missed it in the avalanche of news. But yes, it was Alberta’s Premier – a long-time advocate of having private interests take the financial risk in the world of business, rather than taxpayers – talking about the potential of the public purse being unzipped to buy oil and gas projects.

“We are prepared to do what is necessary to ensure a future for this province’s economy,” he told a business crowd in Edmonton.

He also told reporters that individual Albertans could, in tandem, buy shares in such a venture. “Public participation is a great idea. And I think Albertans are smart, they’re patriotic, they understand that there’s great value in these resources.”

Elizabeth Warren is suddenly very concerned about abortion

Let me make one thing clear: If Michael Bloomberg did indeed tell a former pregnant female employee to “kill” her unborn child, he deserves to lose the vote of every single Democratic, Republican, independent, and centrist American.

Elizabeth Warren made this point during Tuesday’s Democratic debate and claimed that she, as the alleged victim of pregnancy discrimination, can sympathize with the female employees subjected to alleged sexism while working for Bloomberg’s corporations.

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