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Gun-Wielding Couple Realized The Only One Who Will Protect You Is You

Zachary Ziegler By

Just as the ‘rooftop Koreans’ protected their own property during the ’92 race riots, Americans must now defend themselves from the anarchy.

With Minneapolis City Council members unanimously voting to disband the police force last week, Americans have begun to wake up to the fact that at some point they will be their only protectors. To effectively do so, they will need to unleash their inner “rooftop Korean.”

Civil unrest due to race riots is nothing new in our country. With the April 1992 acquittal of four police officers who unjustifiably and mercilessly beat Rodney King, a black man from Los Angeles, the city erupted. Rioters violently assailed the city for six days, causing 63 deaths, almost 2,400 injuries, and more than $1 billion in property damage.

The district of “Koreatown” bore the brunt of the anarchic toll, with 2,280 of its businesses aflame or pillaged by the mob. While most Angelenos fled the city as it burned, many Korean Americans remained to defend their neighborhood from the lawlessness. Shopkeepers became snipers overnight and in doing so preserved their livelihoods.

This resilient troop of vigilantes has served as a cultural icon of self-defense for nearly three decades. Now it should inspire others to do the same.

The McCloskeys Took Matters into Their Own Hands

This past weekend, a St. Louis couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, did exactly that. When a violent mob of hundreds broke into their gated community, threatening to burn down their home and kill them, the couple feared for themselves and their pets. They responded by brandishing firearms, and thus deterred the mob from victimizing them as it had promised. While the press and internet excoriated them, they preserved their lives and private property without incident.

In the cases of both the McCloskeys and the rooftop Koreans, hands were forced to action due to the inaction of those who had sworn to serve them and protect their rights. The police ignored the Koreans’ calls for aid, just as they have done to many citizens, including the McCloskeys, throughout the past month’s events.


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