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NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                 Kelowna, BC, July 10, 2020

Derek Sloan has big news for the gun community 

Four candidates are running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Each of them has promised to cancel the gun laws introduced by the Trudeau government that target lawful citizens including 2.5 million licensed gun owners.

Derek Sloan is the only person in the race for the leadership who moves beyond just canceling one silly law, he has an 11 point gun program which is intended to regain lost ground and freedom, taken from all Canadians.

It was great to have Derek on the rightedition show to chat about his vision for Canada and his position on guns. Derek will be on RightRadio July 15 at 6 pm eastern / 3 pm west coast time, with Tony Bernardo of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Canadians are invited to listen, phone to chat or message questions. Go to and click the RightRadio banner. Interact, share your opinions and learn more about Derek” says Brian Lovig, businessman, founder and host of


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