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Biden Just Accused Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of ‘Killing People.’ Wait, What?

By Bryan Preston

By now you’ve heard that White House spox Jen Psaki and Plagiarist Joe Biden want Facebook to crack down on those who spread what they characterize as COVID vaccine disinformation on social media. Let’s leave aside the fact that the government pushing a private company or industry to act on its behalf in this way carries a whiff of authoritarianism, even fascism.

Let’s leave aside the incontrovertible fact that Biden and his veep, Kamala Harris, were among those who spread COVID vaccine disinformation. They did so deliberately and with ambition in mind, putting themselves ahead of your and your family’s safety. They did it for the crassest of reasons: They wanted Donald Trump’s office.

Rewind to the campaign trail when vaccines seemed to be imminent. This posed a political problem for Biden and Harris:

2020 Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris this weekend overtly undermined any COVID-19 vaccine rolled out by the Trump administration in the fall. She told CNN Sunday she didn’t “trust” the White House incumbent.

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