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President of American College of Pediatricians slams transgender drugs as ‘child abuse’

by Raymond Wolfe

‘This is one large experiment on American children,’ Dr. Quentin Van Meter told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview.

(LifeSiteNews) – Dr. Quentin Van Meter, president of the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds), slammed the use of puberty blockers for children with gender dysphoria, describing the practice as “child abuse.”

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Dr. Van Meter, a Johns Hopkins-trained pediatrician and pediatric endocrinologist, reiterated ACPeds’ position that prescribing hormone blockers for gender dysphoria violates medical ethics and said it should be criminalized.

“We said in our policy statement that it is child abuse for all intents and purposes,” he said, “and that it is taking a very healthy, intentionally designed part of life where a child goes from being a non-reproductive individual to becoming a reproductive individual in a time frame and an age frame where the physiology is there to change the physical body in terms of bone structure, in terms of organ structure, in terms of brain maturation.”

“If you are interrupting that with clearly the intent of never having it go the direction that nature intended, with biological males ending up as adult males and biological females ending up as adult female, if you interrupt that, you are basically setting up a disease state,” Van Meter continued. “And then on top of that, the purpose is clearly in the vast majority of kids that get on puberty blockers, they will not be allowed to go through their own natural puberty. They will be held back and then given cross-sex hormones.”

“So it’s a conveyor belt. And once that patient is placed on the conveyor belt of puberty blockers, they are carried down the assembly line to cross-sex hormones. And then at the end, have an option to do surgery to mutilate their bodies to appear like the opposite sex.”


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