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This Is How You Take Over a School System


“School boards pushed out three superintendents in November alone”

Powered by parent groups, takeovers of school boards are a rising trend. What’s interesting here is the coordination between a governor and school board members to create systemic change. The Left does this all the time. Everything is coordinated from the top down. Conservative school board members however are often on their own in supposed ‘red’ states.

This is just the beginning, but it’s an interesting model.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis put his weight behind dozens of conservative school board candidates across Florida during the midterms. Now they’re in office — and are purging some educational leaders who enforced Covid-19 mandates.

World’s smallest violin plays. Also can we stop calling school officials and assorted government officials, “leaders”? Presidents are leaders. A school superintendent isn’t.

New board members in two GOP-leaning counties essentially sacked their school superintendents over the span of one week. The ousters were spurred by how the superintendents carried out local policies like efforts to support the rights of parents, an issue inflamed by schools imposing student mask mandates last fall in defiance of DeSantis.

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