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Doctors Raise Alarm over Growing Pressure to Euthanize Elderly & Disabled: ‘Some People Are Better Off Dead’

Several top medical professionals have spoken out to raise concerns over the growing worldwide push to relax euthanasia laws in order to relieve the “burden” of caring for elderly and disabled citizens.

Doctors say they are coming under increasing pressure to view vulnerable patients as being “better off dead.”

Slay News has been reporting for some time about the disturbing trend of “assisted suicide” laws that have emerged in multiple Western nations in recent years.

Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands have been leading the way with several other nations and U.S. states seemingly desperate to follow suit.

When countries first started to legalize, they changed the laws in order to offer a “solution” to adult patients who had a “serious and incurable” disease that was causing them great suffering.

Some viewed the option of “assisted suicide” as a way to avoid an otherwise unavoidable slow and painful death.

However, since the laws were changed, the floodgates have opened as each nation that legalized euthanasia has since expanded the boundaries of “assisted suicide.”

Most nations with legalized euthanasia have relaxed their laws to include people with disabilities, money problems, depression, and even homelessness.

Canada has already begun euthanizing people with mental health issues and campaigners are pushing for the laws to be expanded to include children and infants.


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