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European Right Wingers Eye the Political Prize in the Wake of Predicted Big Electoral Gains in June EU Elections

One month ahead of the very consequential European Elections that will take place from June 6-9, the Mainstream Media is in a bit of a panic, because it is widely projected that the nationalist and conservative forces in the old continent will make big electoral gains.

French lawmaker Jean-Paul Garraud,  chair of France’s Rassemblement National (RN) lawmakers, told news agency Reuters that he fully expects Euroskeptic parties to surge in the EU assembly election.

That would give them influence in Brussels and Strasbourg, but only if other right and centre-right parties work with them – and therein lies the last hope of the Globalist and Liberal current leaders – that establishment forces will shut them out.

Reuters reported:

“Polls predict radical right parties will gain across the EU, including France, Germany and Italy where many seats are at stake, as voters frustrated by a cost of living and energy crisis, illegal migration, and rattled by a changing geo-political landscape seek alternatives beyond mainstream parties.”

Even if they don’t make top positions, Conservatives can still influence issues crucial to them.

‘Far-right’ parties could effectively oppose failed green policies and of course, curb unchecked mass immigration.

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