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Judge Cannon Postpones Key Deadline in Classified Documents Case Against Trump After Jack Smith Admits to Evidence Tampering

Judge Aileen Cannon on Monday night postponed a key deadline in the classified documents case after Special Counsel Jack Smith admitted to tampering with evidence.

Cannon temporarily stayed a May 9 deadline for President Trump and his co-defendants Walt Nauta and Carlos de Oliveira related to CIPA.

President Trump’s attorneys wrote a letter to Jack Smith about his confession that classified documents are not in its original form.

“Your failure to disclose the spoliation of this evidence until this month is an extraordinary breach of your constitutional and ethical obligations. Since the beginning of this case, our strategy, preparations, and arguments have been based on the basic premise that — biased as Jack Smith is in his futile efforts to help President Biden make up lost ground in the polls — the line prosecutors and agents would employ the minimal levels of professionalism and competence necessary to preserve evidence relating to the documents at the center of the charges,” Trump’s lawyer wrote to the special counsel’s team.

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