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Australian Senate Launches Major Inquiry into Soaring Deaths Among Vaxxed

The Australian Senate has just launched a major inquiry into the nation’s soaring numbers of excess deaths among the widely vaccinated population.

The country has suffered staggering losses since the mass vaccination program was launched in 2021.

Australia led the world in tyrannical lockdowns and vaccine mandates during, and after, the pandemic.

The nation has one of the highest rates of Covid mRNA vaccination in the world.

Over the past three years, however, the country has been battling the worst level of excess mortality since World War II.

The investigation by the Australian Senate is being touted as the first instance in the world of a Parliament formally examining the issue of soaring deaths.

The successful motion to launch the inquiry was brought by United Australia Party (UAP) Senator Ralph Babet.

The motion was Babet’s fifth attempt to launch a parliamentary inquiry in two years.

Previously, the left-wing Labor government and the Greens had blocked the motion, without explaining why.

The Senate’s Community Affairs References Committee is now required to investigate the factors contributing to the abnormally high mortality.

The report is expected by the end of August.

It will be a difficult task, however.

The likelihood that there will be any admissions of wrongdoing by government bureaucrats and politicians is vanishingly small.

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