September 30, 2019

Max & PPC – Is Scheer a Conservative

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NDP Promises To Build 500,000 Affordable Homes Across Canada

The NDP is promising to build 500,000 new affordable homes across the country in 10 years, if elected.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh didn’t provide details on how he would achieve that goal, saying only that he will have more announcements about it.

Singh says the economy is doing well, but not for everyone, and criticized the Liberals for not spending enough on affordable housing.

The NDP is also pledging help for no-cost, energy-efficiency upgrades.

Singh wouldn’t say if he planned to balance the federal budget when was asked if he had a timeline for doing so.

The NDP leader would take budgeting very seriously, adding that the party would increase revenues by closing tax loopholes and increasing taxes on the very wealthy.

Why Andrew Scheer’s campaign platform sounds so … familiar

As the Liberals’ re-election campaign was foundering last week, Andrew Scheer was promising that a Conservative government would spend $1.5 billion to reduce medical wait times.

It’s a commitment that might stir some nostalgia. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives identified reducing wait times as one of their top five priorities during the 2006 election. Once in government, the Conservatives committed $700 million in funding and signed agreements with the provinces.

Then everyone, including the Harper government, forgot about it.

Thirteen years later, with the Conservatives trying to get back into power, the issue of wait times is back on the agenda.

It’s one of several familiar tunes on the party’s playlist. Indeed, the early stages of Andrew Scheer’s campaign have sounded, at times, like a medley of some of Stephen Harper’s greatest hits.

There is a promise to restore, with minor tweaks, tax credits for users of public transit and for children’s arts and fitness activities. There is a new tax credit for parents — this time to offset federal taxes on maternity benefits.

Maxime Bernier wants to abolish the Indian Act and build a border fence

I don’t believe we are at two to three per cent,” Bernier said about his polling numbers. ‘The populist movement is happening in Canada’

In a Postmedia exclusive, Larysa Harapyn sat down with the People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and Etobicoke North candidate Renata Ford to discuss the PPC’s platform and election strategy ahead of the Oct. 21. Here are some highlights:

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