January 29, 2020

Pelosi Hypocrisy – Defund The U.N.

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Pelosi’s Vote on a War Powers Resolution Is Hypocritical

Democratic leaders didn’t act against Obama’s military overreach as he launched attacks across the Middle East and North Africa

During President Barack Obama’s eight years in office, he never received his own congressional authorization in the form of an AUMF for military operations he launched in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. Yet, Pelosi didn’t complain then about this complete disregard for Congress’ authority.


Pelosi Moves To Protect Iran From Trump With New War Powers Resolution

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that the same House Of Representatives that just delivered two articles of impeachment against the POTUS would act to restrain his ability to respond to Iranian retaliation against Americans.

Via The Hill, “Pelosi: House to vote on resolution limiting Trump’s actions against Iran”:

The House will vote on a resolution limiting President Trump’s military actions toward Iran following his decision to launch a drone strike that killed a top Iranian commander, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday.

Pelosi told Democratic members in a letter that the House will introduce a vote on a “War Powers Resolution” mandating that the administration’s military hostilities with regard to Iran would cease within 30 days if no further congressional action is taken.


UNDRIP says First Nations can say no to development. But we also need to be able to say yes

Last month a new milestone in Canada’s journey to reconciliation was achieved with the introduction of Bill 41 in the B.C. legislature. The bill requires B.C.’s government to bring its laws into line with the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). This legislation will provide another tool for First Nations to ensure they are adequately consulted and engaged in resource development projects and share in their benefits.

I believe the intent of this legislation is noble and I support, in particular, the sentiment expressed in a joint statement by B.C.’s Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, B.C. First Nations leaders and MLAs: “It is time we recognize and safeguard Indigenous peoples’ human rights, so that we may finally move away from conflict, drawn-out court cases and uncertainty, and move forward with collaboration and respect … we will create more certainty and opportunity for Indigenous peoples, B.C. businesses, communities and families everywhere.”


How to Defund the U.N.

We ignored the foreign objections and persisted because that abominable resolution cast a stain of illegitimacy and anti-Semitism on the U.N. It paid off. On Dec. 16, 1991, the General Assembly rescinded the offensive language.

Now, a quarter-century later, the U.N. has come close to repeating Resolution 3379’s original sin. Last week the U.N. showed its true colors with a 128-9 vote condemning President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

This seemingly lopsided outcome obscured a significant victory and major opportunity for the president. Thirty-five countries abstained, and 21 didn’t vote at all. Days earlier the Security Council had endorsed similar language, 14-1, defeated only by the U.S. veto.


United Nations Is Useless, Better Disband It.

The UN is totally a useless organization. It was formed in the aftermath of WW2 , in order to maintain peace within all the nations. However, it has today become a spineless organization, with no say whatsoever.

The UN has become one of the most inefficient organizations. Even after 73 years after its existence, the UN has failed to end the world’s gravest concerns. Let us look at some of the issues UN has overlooked.

Rwanda Genocide :
In 1994, the UN; and I quote “ just stood and watched” the slaughter of 800,000 ethnic Tutsis, caused by the Hutu government.


New rules could bump emotional-support animals from planes

The days of passengers bringing their pets on airplanes as emotional-support animals could be ending.

The U.S. Department of Transportation on Wednesday proposed that only specially trained dogs qualify as service animals, which must be allowed in the cabin at no charge.


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