June 8, 2018

Trudeau’s Social Engineering

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The dodgy ‘studies’ behind Trudeau’s radical experiment to socially engineer Canadian businesses

A study that ‘warrants further study’ is no reason to rush to regulate diversity

The Senate of Canada is back in session this week, ready to vote on Bill C-25. That’s the legislation introduced by Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains to revamp the Canada Business Corporations Act and inject more social subversion into corporate governance. Part of the bill deals with shareholders’ election of directors. Another tackles the trending topic of diversity in management, on boards and throughout the corporate system.

Terence Corcoran: The dodgy ‘studies’ behind Trudeau’s radical experiment to socially engineer Canadian businesses

Trudeau government’s needless obsession with gender is exhausting

The last thing the people who run the Service Canada desks, or the rest of us, need or want is more gendered language instruction or social engineering

I went to a Service Ontario office in downtown Toronto Wednesday to renew my driver’s licence.

It was everything a customer/taxpayer could want: Swift service from an employee who was polite and capable. I was in and out within 15 minutes, just as I usually am when I go to such an office every year or two to do business.

That’s pretty much all I want, not only from this particular department, but also from any and all arms of government: In my freaking dreams, of course

Christie Blatchford: Trudeau government’s needless obsession with gender is exhausting

Trudeau Budget Panders to Feminists with a ‘281-Page Social Engineering Blueprint’

My wife is Canadian, which means that I frequently hear complaints about Justin Trudeau, Canada’s clueless leader, from my in-laws. Once my in-laws (and every sane Canadian) read the details of Trudeau’s proposed budget, Donald Trump may need to build a wall on our northern border to prevent hordes of Canadians from entering our country. Not so much a budget as a progressive agenda, Justin Trudeau continues his goal of turning Canada into a progressive dystopian nightmare.

The Toronto-based thestar.com complains,


Will the Liberal obsession with progressive social issues sink Trudeau

Last winter, I was sitting in the study of the great Albertan journalist Ted Byfield, who is now approaching ninety years old. We were chatting about the state of the culture, and the proliferation of identity politics. Byfield was a bit more upbeat than I was about where some of this was headed. As soon as people start to feel economic pain, he said, they’ll stop caring about these little progressive projects and left-wing social engineering.

That was the analysis of some commentators in the US after Trump’s election, with devout liberals like Bill Maher accusing the Democrats of ignoring the concerns of the working class while devoting enormous amounts of energy to what he called “boutique issues” such as the transgender cause. It’s more complicated than that, of course, but the point remains that it is hard for voters to care about the priorities of progressive iconoclasts when they’re having a hard time paying the rent or the mortgage. And now, there may be some small signs that Byfield was correct in the recent polling on Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government.


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