June 8, 2018

Why I am Right

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PC government would reintroduce ‘buck-a-beer’

Those were the days when beer came in stubby bottles.

Ontario PC leader Doug Ford has announced his party will bring “buck-a-beer” back to Ontario.

He says it will respect consumers and promote price competition with the minimum price floor sale of beer in the province to $1 plus deposit per bottle.

“For too long beer consumers have been forced to pay inflated prices for beer in order to increase the profits of big corporations. We’re going to allow price competition for beer and this will save consumers money,” Ford said Saturday in a statement.

PC government would reintroduce ‘buck-a-beer’ to Ontario, promises Ford

California Senator: Expand One-Gun-A-Month Law to Long Guns

A California lawmaker wants to expand the state’s one-gun-a-month rule to include long guns, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Sen. Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada-Flintridge) wants to prohibit California residents from buying more than one long gun in a 30-day period, a purchase limit that currently exists for handguns.

“This is not the Wild West,” he said. “California’s in the 21st century, and you shouldn’t be able to walk into a gun store and come out with an arsenal.”

Portantino said that there is no reason that one would need to buy more than one long gun in a month’s time.

“[The bill] is basically just saying, ‘People, be reasonable, take a timeout.’ We should not have such a proliferation of weapons out in main street California,” Portantino said.


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