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on June 23, 2014 in World News

Senate a ‘colonial relic,’ should be abolished

Senate a ‘colonial relic,’ should be abolished, says former Mulroney-era Progressive Conservative MP Boyer Canada’s Senate is a “colonial relic” with “negligible significance” as a legislative body, incapable of reform and should be abolished, according to a former Progressive Conservative MP, constitutional lawyer and political science professor in a new, provocative book. “Because the best predictor of future performance is past behaviour, Canada ought not to waste any more time or money on yet another round of teasing out and trying on nebulous concepts around the non-existent possibility of Senate reform. Patience has run out,” writes Patrick Boyer, a two-term… View Article

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on June 22, 2014 in World News

4-year-olds pole dancing to Disney tunes

Parents shocked when school features 4-year-olds pole dancing to Disney tunes Parents of students at Crockenhill Primary School in Kent, England are fuming over a school-sanctioned pole dancing demonstration that featured performers as young as four years old. One of the ladies that was performing it was wearing a crop top with one of the shoulder sleeves missing – it was quite revealing,” according to one several parents who stormed out of the event at the school’s summer fete Sunday. “The shorts they had on showed more than they should and a lot of people were leaving as a result… View Article

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