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Gov’t to Tax Fines – Obama’s Fundemental Change

Gov’t to Tax Fines – Obama’s Fundemental Change
Justice Minister Peter MacKay is deflecting criticism of a new, mandatory victim surcharge, saying judges opposed to the measure will eventually “see the wisdom” of making sure victims of crime receive proper help.
MacKay was responding Monday to reports that say judges in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta have either refused to order criminals to pay the surcharge or found ways to make it impossible for authorities to collect the fee.
Some judges and justice critics have said the surcharge places an unfair burden on those who don’t have the means to pay.
MacKay said the money gathered from the surcharge is used to help victims with counselling and other services.
“I think you’ll see that over time judges will see the wisdom in putting victims in a better place and respecting their right to be compensated,” he said in an interview.

“A $200 to $300 compensation being applied in these cases, we believe, is proportionate. We believe it is also part of the administration of justice and it reflects society’s condemnation of those acts against the law, against society and against individuals.”As well, the minister noted that most provinces still have the option of ordering impoverished criminals to perform community service to pay their debt to society.

Obama’s Change

To “fundamentally change the country” from capitalism to socialism, you first need to create or maintain a depressed economic environment, then create or expand entitlement programs until the majority of the population is dependent upon an expanded government for survival. At that point, the socialist regime has created a situation where those who rely wholly on the government for all their needs will, of necessity, always vote for those candidates supporting the socialist form of government in order to preserve their benefits. That’s Obama’s vision, folks, and he’s implementing right before your blinded eyes

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