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ABC, CNN Mad Spicer Didn’t Call on Them at Press Briefing

Aww, poor babies.

by Trey Sanchez

Both ABC and CNN were left out of the questioning during Wednesday’s White House briefing and they aren’t too happy about it.

According to Newsbusters, ABC’s Jonathan Karl stomped over to Twitter to tattle on press secretary Sean Spicer:

 Over at CNN, White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny whined to Wolf Blitzer, “And he did not take many questions from some news organizations, including CNN. So, we were not able to ask him if the president believed, at the moment, he said that that the [USS] Carl Vinson was indeed heading that direction [in the South China Sea] but Sean Spicer, Wolf, today, I’m not sure, sort of filled in the blanks or answered the questions that still exist over this fairly extraordinary matter.”

But here’s whom Spicer DID call on during the briefing: Fox News, NBC News, Fox News Radio, CCTV, The Daily Caller, One America News Network, The Daily Mail, Newsmax, Canada’s TVA, McClatchy, USA Today, and NPR. So, Karl and Zeleny can certainly lodge no complaint that Spicer ignored the liberal media. It just turns out that CNN and ABC aren’t the only kids on the block.

And there I thought leftists were all for diversity.

Photo credit: Harald Groven via / CC BY-SA

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